School-Record 72 Aztecs Earn MW All-Academic Honors

July 6, 2016

SAN DIEGO - San Diego State set a school record for the second straight year with 72 student-athletes earning Mountain West All-Academic honors for the spring semester. This year's spring total surpasses the old record of 69, which was set just 12 months ago.

To be eligible for selection, student-athletes must have completed at least one academic term at SDSU while maintaining a cumulative grade-point average of 3.0 or better, and be a starter or significant contributor on their team.

Track and field led all Aztec spring sports with 17 honorees and was followed by swimming and diving's 14 all-academic performers. Softball and baseball were the other two teams that had double-digit totals with 11 and 10 student-athletes recognized, respectively. The balance came from women's basketball (5), men's tennis (5), women's tennis (5), women's golf (4) and men's basketball (1).

This is the sixth consecutive season in which SDSU has had at least 50 Aztecs honored in the spring by the Mountain West. In the previous 11 years prior to the current run, San Diego State hit the 50-mark only once when it had 52 award winners in the spring of 2008.

Sport, Student-Athlete, Class, GPA, Major
Baseball, Andrew Brown, Junior, 3.15, Criminal Justice
Baseball, Chase Calabuig, Sophomore, 3.56, Kinesiology
Baseball, Michael Diamond, Junior, 3.31, Communication
Baseball, Dalton Douty, Senior, 3.19, Sociology
Baseball, Adrian Orozco, Junior, 3.71, Communication
Baseball, Marcus Reyes, Junior, 3.10, Political Science
Baseball, Brett Seeburger, Junior, 3.25, Social Science
Baseball, Hunter Stratton, Sophomore, 3.33, Criminal Justice
Baseball, Spencer Thornton, Senior, 3.46, Business Administration
Baseball, Jordan Verdon, Freshman, 3.48, Physical Therapy
Men's Basketball, D'Erryl Williams, Junior, 3.03, Kinesiology
Women's Basketball, Arantxa Gomez Ferrer, Freshman, 3.67, Aerospace Engineering
Women's Basketball, Cheyenne Greenhouse, Sophomore, 3.17, Biology
Women's Basketball, Kylie Herd, Junior, 3.52, Social Science
Women's Basketball, Deidra Smith, Senior, 3.44, Interdisciplinary Studies
Women's Basketball, Lexy Thorderson, Sophomore, 3.29, Hospitality and Tourism Management
Women's Golf, Sirene Blair, Junior, 3.51, Interdisciplinary Studies
Women's Golf, Mila Chaves, Sophomore, 3.48, Business Administration
Women's Golf, Emma Henrikson, Senior, 3.26, Finance
Women's Golf, Georgia Lacey, Sophomore, 3.13, Psychology
Softball, Katie Byrd, Freshman, 3.08, Child Development
Softball, Samantha Camello, Senior, 3.98, Psychology
Softball, Ashley Ercolano, Senior, 3.66, Psychology
Softball, Alex Formby, Sophomore, 3.54, Communication
Softball, Jaylene Ignacio, Junior , 3.28, Communication
Softball, Julie McDonald, Freshman, 3.54, Undeclared
Softball, Zaria Meshack, Sophomore, 3.25, Sociology
Softball, Frankie Orlando, Junior , 3.78, Criminal Justice
Softball, Jenavee Peres, Sophomore, 3.12, Criminal Justice
Softball, Leia Ruiz, Senior, 3.47, Kinesiology
Softball, Taylor Stewart, Sophomore, 3.05, Journalism
Swimming & Diving, Alexandra Caplan, Sophomore, 3.08, Communication
Swimming & Diving, Laura Day, Senior, 3.29, Foods and Nutrition
Swimming & Diving, Samantha Guttmacher, Junior, 3.25, Child Development
Swimming & Diving, Shannon Herman, Senior, 3.44, Kinesiology
Swimming & Diving, Cayla Jetter, Junior, 3.41, Marketing
Swimming & Diving, Taylor Johnson, Senior, 3.48, Kinesiology
Swimming & Diving, Martina Marks, Freshman, 3.22, Int'l Security and Conflict Resolution
Swimming & Diving, Savannah Miller, Senior, 3.25, Foods and Nutrition
Swimming & Diving, Caroline Mitchell, Junior, 3.40, Foods and Nutrition
Swimming & Diving, Lydia Pereverzina, Sophomore, 3.03, Kinesiology
Swimming & Diving, Natilee Ruiz, Senior, 3.83, Child Development
Swimming & Diving, Kate Santilena, Sophomore, 3.23, Kinesiology
Swimming & Diving, Andrea VanderMey, Junior , 3.70, Psychology
Swimming & Diving, Cecilia Zaccarelli, Junior, 3.27, Communication
Men's Tennis, Freddy Gelbrich, Senior , 3.38, Business Administration
Men's Tennis, Sander Gjoels-Andersen, Freshman, 3.46, Management
Men's Tennis, Marko Goles-Babic, Junior, 3.06, Economics
Men's Tennis, Hendrik Jebens, Junior, 3.01, Marketing
Men's Tennis, Jonas Meinzer, Junior, 3.65, Finance
Women's Tennis, Jana Buth, Sophomore, 3.60, Management
Women's Tennis, Paola Diaz de Regules, Sophomore, 3.82, Int'l Security and Conflict Resolution
Women's Tennis, Isabelle Hoorn, Senior, 3.17, Finance
Women's Tennis, Tami Nguyen, Senior, 3.61, English
Women's Tennis, Dora Somoracz, Senior, 3.42, Interior Design
Women's Track & Field, Rachel Alesi, Junior, 3.06, Mathematics
Women's Track & Field, Lisa-Anne Barrow, Freshman, 3.04, Undeclared
Women's Track & Field, Sara Curran, Sophomore, 3.51, Graphic Design
Women's Track & Field, Kassidy Ellis, Junior, 3.82, Speech, Lang., and Hearing Sciences
Women's Track & Field, Alexa Evans, Senior, 3.46, Public Administration
Women's Track & Field, Ellison Grove, Sophomore, 4.00, Int'l Security and Conflict Resolution
Women's Track & Field, Lakin Hatcher, Freshman, 3.28, BioChemistry
Women's Track & Field, Courtney Jackson, Sophomore, 3.15, Public Health
Women's Track & Field, Tyra Lea, Junior, 3.49, Physical Therapy
Women's Track & Field, Freja Liljedahl, Junior, 3.79, Psychology
Women's Track & Field, Katherine Magill, Junior, 3.64, Psychology
Women's Track & Field, Coryne McKenney, Sophomore, 3.69, Liberal Studies
Women's Track & Field, Jelena McNown, Freshman, 3.28, Physical Therapy
Women's Track & Field, Rachel Roesgen, Senior, 3.88, Physical Therapy
Women's Track & Field, Lily Seyneave, Sophomore, 3.86, Physical Therapy
Women's Track & Field, Starlynn Singleton, Junior, 3.15, Physical Therapy
Women's Track & Field, Karsen Sper, Senior, 3.11, Child Development

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