San Diego State University
Department of Intercollegiate Athletics
Athletic Compliance Policies and Procedure Manual

Table of Contents
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Department of Athletics Mission Statement
Institutional Control
Investigation and Self Reporting
Knowledge of Use of Banned Drugs
Gambling Activities
Outside Income
Professional Travel
Staff Designation
Extra Benefits
Occasional Meals
Amateur Status
Promotional Activities
Permissible Recruiters
Telephone Calls
Contacts and Evaluations
Recruiting and Official Visit Policy
Determining Recruiting Violation
Unofficial Visits
Entertainment for High School and Two-Year College Coaches
Recruiting Travel
Professional Travel
Minimum CSU Admission Requirements
Minimum CSU Transfer Admission Requirements
Guidelines for Prospective Student-Athlete Pre-Evaluation
Guidelines for Admissions Application
Guidelines for Exceptional Admissions
Placement Test Requirements
Eligibility Certification Process for Competition
Initial Eligibility
Continuing Eligibility
NCAA Affirmation of Eligibility
Eligibility Certification Process for Practice
Late Additions to Teams
Summer School
Academic Probation and Disqualification
Transfer Policy
Financial Aid
Squad Lists
Book Loan Program
National Letter of Intent
Summer Session
Post Eligibility Scholarship
Scholarship Cancellation Procedures
Renewal, Non-Renewal, & Reduction
Voluntary Withdrawal
Athletic Scholarship Appeal Process
Financial Aid Status Report
Special Assistance Fund
Off-Campus Room and Board
Federal/State Financial Aid
Outside Scholarships
Playing Practice Season
Countable Athletics Related Activities
Complimentary Admissions
Rules Education
Department of Athletics Staff Members
NCAA Rule Interpretation
Prospective Student-Athletes
Institutional Staff Members
Representatives of Athletics Interest
A-1 Administrator's Log for Playing and Practice Season Monitoring Form
A-2 Agent Registration Form
A-3 Athlete Agent Renewal Form
A-4 Amateur Reimbursement Form
A-5 Amateur Status Form
A-6 Amateurism Questionnaire | Word Document
A-7 Appearance Request Form
A-8 Scholarship Cancellation Recommendation | Word Document
A-9 Book Loan Instruction
A-10 Book Loan Receipt Form
A-11 CARA Form | Word Document
A-12 Eligibility Certification Request Form | Excel Document
A-13 Initial Eligibility Certification Form | Word Document
A-14 Host-Prospect Exit Interview Form
A-15 NLI-GIA Checklist | Word Document
A-16 New Coach Form | Word Document
A-17 Occasional Meal Form
A-18 Official Visit Complimentary Admission Request Form | Word Document
A-19 Outside Income Form
A-20 Pre-Official Visit Approval Checklist | Word Document
A-21 Request for Tryout Clearance | Word Document
A-22 Student-Athlete Official Visit Expense Form | Excel Document
A-23 Scholarship Recommendation Form - Full | Word Document
A-24 Scholarship Recommendation Form - Partial | Word Document
A-25 Student Athlete Delete Form | Excel Document
A-26 Student-Athlete Text Reimbursement Request | Word Document
A-27 Student-Athlete Time Sheet for Countable Athletically Related Activities | Word Document
A-28 Student-Athlete Voluntary Withdrawal | Word Document
A-29 Student-Athlete Aid Application | Excel Document
A-30 Summer Academic Plan | Word Document
A-31 Volunteer Coach Agreement | Word Document
A-32 Volunteer Coach Supplement
A-33 Volunteer Identification Form | Word Document
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