• Agents
  • Complimentary Admissions
      How to Request Complimentary Admissions
      How to Pick up Complimentary Admissions
  • Continuing Eligibility
      Progress Towards Degree Requirements
  • Student-Hosting
  • Drug Testing
      Collection Procedure
      What Drugs are Tested
  • Alcohol Policy
  • Employment
      Camps or Clinics
  • Extra Benefits
  • Financial Aid
      SDSU Financial Aid Office Athletic Scholarship Appeals Policy
  • Gambling & Bribery
  • NCAA Special Assistance Fund
  • In Season & Out of Season
      Playing Season Limitations
      Out of Season Limitations
       ·Exception for All Sports Other than Football
       ·Football Exception
      Countable and Voluntary Activities
       ·Weight Training and Conditioning
       ·Film or Videotape Sessions
       ·Camps, Clinics, Workshops and PE Classes
      Promotional Activities
      Transfer Eligibility
       ·Junior College Transfers
       ·Four-Year Transfers
       ·International Transfers
  • Compliance Home
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