No. 16/15 #AztecMBB-Colorado State Postgame Quotes

Jan. 12, 2013

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San Diego State Head Coach Steve Fisher

Opening Statement:
"That was a hard, hard fought victory against a team that's very good. If anyone says what happened in the second half, the first four or five minutes, then I would have to say you have not watched enough basketball. We were 10-for-18 in the first half and we played the best half of basketball maybe that a San Diego State team has played, especially against a good team. They came out and started the second half the same way. They made every shot they took and we couldn't make a shot. That's how ebbs and flows go. I would have preferred it to go differently, but I'm elated that we're 2-0 in league play. Every Aztec fan should feel, and I know they do, the same way."

On Chase Tapley's performance tonight, playing sick:
"Chase is expected to do that. I'm not surprised when he does do it. He will leave here, in all probability, the winningest player in the history of San Diego State basketball over a four-year career. He knows how to play, he knows how to score, and he knows how to compete. (Athletic trainer) Tom Abdenour did not think he would play. He had a 101 (degree) temperature and took an I.V. before the game, and did not participate in shoot-around or walk-through before the game. He told me when he left, `I'm playing,' and he played. He played the way Chase has played a lot of times for us. He played big and he played when big plays were needed."

On Xavier Thames playing through injury tonight:
"Xavier looked a little bit better yesterday, but he still was tentative to play and mix it up. I didn't know. He came out today and said he would try. He said my back is a little stiff, in a good way, from yesterday in doing a little more and he performed for us. He hasn't done anything since he got hurt vs. Bakersfield. We're singling out guys who were vital to our victory tonight and I thought X did a very good job."

On deciding how to defend Colorado State's Colton Iverson:
"We had a long debate with our coaches on how we wanted to play Iverson. He's the biggest, strongest, best low-post center in this league and they go to him often. I watched tape of the way he passed out of doubles and we made the community decision as coaches to go and not let them beat us on three's by skipping it across (Wes) Eikmeier, (Dorian) Green and (Greg) Smith, these guys who can shoot and make three's. Let's make him take hard two's, try to get him off the block a little bit. So that's what we did. We tried to get our guys, as the game went on, to make him a little bit uncertain if we were coming to double. I thought we did a better job, as the game went on, to stunt at him, fake like we were going to get him and then go back to our man. He picked up several balls just by the way our perimeter people played, but I thought Skylar Spencer, especially, was able to use his length and size to make it hard for (Iverson) to get those quality shots out of those low-post touches. He's a handful to guard."

San Diego State senior guard Chase Tapley

On his overtime performance and how he is feeling after experiencing flu-like symptoms today: "Right now I am just tired. In overtime, I just had to get the most energy. When you have teammates like I have, they are just pushing you saying that we need buckets. I was there, I am that guy, so I had to put the ball in the basket. Thank God they were falling in overtime."

On his flu-like symptoms today:
"It started last night with aches and a sore throat. This morning it was worse, I really didn't think I was going to play but by the grace of God I had the strength to play tonight."

On how he spent the day and decided to play after feeling ill:
"After I woke up and visited with my parents, I texted (athletic trainer) Tom (Abdenour) and told him that I needed to see a doctor, that I thought I had the flu. I went to the athletic center and (Abdenour) took my temperature, it was over 100 degrees. I sat there and made up my mind that I was going to play. My parents drove down all the way from Sacramento, I didn't want them to come and not see me play."

On if they expected a comeback after CSU rallied against Colorado:
"Of course. They are a good team, a team that doesn't give up. Their coach really gets into them, makes them play hard. That's just like any team in our conference, it is always going to be down to the last few minutes in every game. The Mountain West is a good conference with plenty of good teams. There are not going to be any easy wins."

San Diego State junior guard Jamaal Franklin

On the second half performance:
"Early in the first half you could tell that we were knocking down all of our three's. In the second half Colorado State did a good job of sticking with their defense which made it tough for us to hit our shots. We struggled to make our first basket, which didn't come until almost the 15 or 16 minute mark in the second half. CSU did a good job of controlling us in the second half."

On making little plays as opposed to dunks to get a win:
"Little plays helped us to be successful today and got us the win. I am willing to do whatever it takes for us to win. That's all I want to do is win, I don't really care about the stats. All I want to worry about is winning because at the end of the day if we all are doing well then we can win."

On if he prefers the little plays or the highlight/dunk style plays:
"I like winning so I like both. We won both games so it worked out."

On how much of a factor Colton Iverson played:
"He did a good job. He is a big post player, he forced our bigs into foul trouble. He is a great player. Strong, big; he can move his feet really well down low and he rebounds well. Colorado State is the best rebounding team we have played so far. We have played some good teams, including Syracuse and Arizona but I would say Colorado State is the best at rebounding the ball."

On Xavier Thames and Chase Tapley playing injured/sick:
"It takes heart for both to (play sick and injured). I know how it feels to play with a bad back. Your back controls everything, every part of your body. It takes heart. For my teammates, my brothers, I would say for them to be able to play under the conditions they are in, I am proud of them. It means a lot. It shows you, since (everyone can't be) in the locker room every day that everyone cares about each other, everyone wants to win. For you to risk your body and your health to play for your teammates."

On getting a home win in a tough conference:
"We are for sure going to need these wins. Come the second half of the season we are going to see Colorado State, UNLV and New Mexico all on the road in a row. We definitely need these (home) wins because you never know, during an away game it can get tough."

On if Colorado State played differently in the second half:
"I would say that they did a good job. They did a good job defensively but at the end of the day we went back to the drawing board to see what we had to do to get the win."

On if he wishes for an easy win in a tough conference:
"(The easy wins) are always the best games, but if we are up by 20 and win by 20, it still says the same thing in our win/loss column. We are 14-2, if we won by 20 it wouldn't make us 15-2. We got the win and are 14-2."

Colorado State Head Coach Larry Eustachy

Opening statement:
"We have to change the culture here at Colorado State. I'm not sure if the players expected to come out here and win or not, but not being able to finish out the game is not how we're going to win games. We're used to this and this is what we've accepted and it's no longer acceptable. It starts with me obviously - I haven't been able to get the team over the hump. This is far better than the last experience we had at (Univ. of) Colorado so we made a little progress but it's unfortunate. We have no margin for error and we just made errors in a lot of areas tonight."

On Chase Tapley's overtime performance:
"We had a big turnover at a crucial time. It's always going to be tough on the road and you've just got to overcome it. You've got to get stops and we couldn't stop Tapley. We just weren't there and didn't make the plays; I'm not used to it."

On making adjustments for Jamaal Franklin in the second half:
"He's a great shooter and I certainly didn't want to foul him or have him driving on us and we did a good job there. So those were the only adjustments made there."

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