Men's Hoops-Colorado State Postgame Quotes

Jan. 28, 2017

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SDSU head coach Steve Fisher

Opening statement:
"If you were a Colorado State fan, or you had no investment in who won. You saw a tremendously entertaining, hard-fought, big-time, division one game. If you are an Aztec player, coach or fan, you feel as if a part of you has been ripped off. We played hard enough to win, we played tough enough to win, but we didn't win. The nature of what we do. We have been on this side way too many times this season. The opportunities were there, but we weren't able to get it done. Tonight, it was more them than us. (Senior guard Gian) Clavell was a big ringleader for them. (Senior forward Emmanuel) Omogbo was a close second, but Clavell was sensational and we weren't able to make one more stop. Yeah, I would have done something different that last play if I could have repeated it and taken it back, but there are no mulligans in what we do. I am proud of these two boys (Kell and Pope). Malik had his best overall game of the season, and we need him like that on Tuesday and every game. Trey played with toughness, but we just came up one possession short. It hurts deeply for all of us."

On Gian Clavell's last sequence:
"In hindsight, we were too extended, where the whole gym had a good feeling he was going to get it and shoot it. So, we needed to put a few more bodies in front of him and make him give up the ball. We have different forms of full court. Where we should have been in more of what we call a shadow yellow, where you make him get in front of you then put bodies in front of you. But, he got it on the dead run and got an angle on us. You don't want to foul him, but you don't want him to get it to the rim either. "

On making big plays towards the end of the game:
"There is no question we did, right till the end. When Max Hoetel got the offensive rebound and got it to Malik who made two free throws to put us up a point. We came away one play short in order to win the game."

On Zylan Cheatham:
"He's got a stress reaction. It's the same thing Jeremy Hemsley had last year. Now we are day to day."

On closing remarks:
"When you have five turn overs, score 77 points, get to the free throw line 28 times and they are 14, you should win the game. And we didn't. It burns and it hurts, and they had a lot to do with it. They played the second half with tremendous basketball. They shot 61% against us in the second half, and most of them were contested shots. They came in and fought, and stayed with it. They were led by Clavell in every regard right to the end, when Trey was shooting free throws he was barking out, `you box out the shooter, you do this, you do that.' He was the guy telling everyone on the team what to do."

On team moving forward:
"They sent him out for a brief moment, and I'm sure told him, `Don't foul.' And he delivered for them, and we just weren't quite there when we could've, should've but didn't. I'm proud of what we're trying to do, we've got to stay with it. This is a time that tries your soul, and you've got to come back together and come back and say, `We will win on Tuesday. We will win on Tuesday.' And nothing can take away what happened tonight, and nothing replaces the feeling when you win a game like we have to win a game like this. We have to win a game like this, and we have to start on Tuesday. If we let up even a little bit, it won't happen. So we have to come in with the same mindset. We had two really good practices on Thursday and Friday. We must have a great practice on Monday. We must be attentive tomorrow when we do our film work and walkthrough and talk and have ourselves ready to go. That's the nature of the business."

SDSU junior guard Trey Kell On the team's inability to close out games this season:
"It's tough. No matter where you're playing, especially here where the expectations are so high, and the expectations we put on ourselves, we feel like we have the talent to be able to win these close games no matter who we're playing. At the end of the day, there's nothing else we can say. There's no magic potion we can use amongst ourselves, it's just we have to do it. There's nothing the coaches can say, nothing the media can say, noting our families can say to us. It's just that we have to go out and do it."

On any positives SDSU can take away from the loss:
"What we mentioned a little bit earlier: how we made some plays. We had key offensive rebounds, we got some steals when we were down a couple points at the end, I happened to make [those] two free throws at the end, but besides that we didn't come here to win morale victories, we need actual victories."

SDSU junior forward Malik Pope

On inability to close out games this season:
"So far it's been a trip, but we're learning. It's just a little adversity. [We've] just got to fight to the end, and we did everything--almost everything--correct this game, and fell short at the end. We could have done that way better, but you can't turn back. All you can do is get better from today."

On redshirt sophomore forward Zylan Cheatham's absence this game:
"Missing Zylan is a big piece, so of course I'll have to step my game up on rebounding and all the ways that he helps this team. But we all did that. All five of us. Everyone else on the court, it wasn't just me. We just had to pick up the slack [in the things] he was really good at. [But we're] just waiting. Just waiting, hoping he gets back soon."

Colorado State head coach Larry Eustachy

On the game:
"I thought it was a game from the memory books. If you watched it on TV or you were here live or you were able to have the luxury of coaching in the game, I think everything played out perfect. Gian Clavell had four fouls. We took him out and sat him for about four seconds and then put him back in. When you've got somebody like him and Emmanuel (Omogbo), you feel like you've got a chance."

On Gian Clavell's second half:
"That was one of the better performances--under the circumstances when you look at everything that's happened to this program from the beginning to the season to where they find ourselves now--it makes it an unbelievable storyline."

On what he did to keep the team in it when they were down by 13 in the second half:
"I just kept urging, saying, `Have we got our game on the court yet?' I thought the first 10 minutes were perfect. The tempo was right. We had to get away from it. We kept moving the ball around and we were tired. Obviously we needed to start taking some quicker shots and again, Gian just took over and Emmanuel took over. Everything had to fall right for us to win that game and it did. If two programs respect each other the most in this league, it's Colorado State and San Diego State and vice versa. I think everyone was just kind of stunned. The coaches, I know I was, I was just sitting there going, `What just happened,' to Coach Fisher. You combine the games with him and I, it's almost embarrassing how many we've coached and it reveals our age a little bit, but that is one of the more memorable games for both of us I'm sure. He'll probably remember it more than me because you don't remember the wins. You remember the tough losses like we've had at Long Beach State and things like that. Lot of experience on that court as coaches and it turned out to be an epic game."

Colorado State senior guard Gian Clavell

On today's game:
"I love San Diego State -- Coach Fisher, the players. I have always wanted to win here and I just heard that we haven't won here since 2003. I think this was by best win at Colorado State. I'm just grateful that we came here and got the win."

On how they kept their heads up going into halftime down by 10:
"Coach talked to us and they've had weeks before here where they felt like they'd just given up. We were just playing hard our way. Play the ball, rebound, go get it and just play with the tempo, and I think that just helped us a lot today in the second half."

On feeling like he couldn't miss today and what was on his mind:
"I wasn't thinking about anything, honestly. I didn't even know what I had, I didn't even know what I was. I was just playing and it was a weird feeling."

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