SDSU Men's Hoops-Wyoming Postgame Quotes

Feb. 14, 2018

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SDSU head coach Brian Dutcher

Opening Statement:
“Thanks everyone for spending the night with the Aztecs, for these late eight o’clock starts. Hopefully the fans that brought their dates here for Valentine’s enjoyed the evening. It’s great to be home. They are 10-2 in this building now. Our home crowd always gives us that lift. We have the greatest fans in California, and darn probably the country. We are always appreciative when they are here to support us. We played a solid game tonight. Offensively, we had 33 baskets and 22 of them assisted. So we shared the ball, we played the right way, and we played an outstanding defensive first half. Then, we played well enough the second half. We kept the team under 50 percent, and they shot 45 percent. We did a good job defensively. We were reliable and we had trust in each other. We continued to make timely plays. Everyone will think about losing the lead. If you watch college basketball then you know, no lead is safe. I was proud we held onto ours. I don’t know if they cut it to seven or nine, but our kids stayed with it. We had a couple of really good put-backs. Both teams were driving the ball at the end. It feels good to get back home and get a win. We will start preparing tomorrow for a very good UNLV team on Saturday afternoon at 1 p.m.”

On sophomore forward Nolan Narain:
“We had a great bench performance tonight. I think we had 40 points off the bench. They stepped up, playing with no fear. It was great to have that type of production off the bench. Nolan is a true center. So he really rolls to the basket aggressively, and his hands are up. You saw some quality post moves from him inside. The number one question I get asked as a coach wherever I go is, ‘Why isn’t Nolan playing?’ That is the number one question I get. Nolan played well today, and he will continue to. Nolan gives us early help that the other two bigs aren’t as good at. He’s not afraid to come over and offer early help and take a charge. Nolan has worked hard in practice and as consequence, he is seeing minutes in games.”

On game strategy:
“We thought the number one key to the game for Wyoming was their fast break. On every shot, we tried to get three guards back. We wanted to limit them in the full court. They play with the fastest tempo in the Mountain West. We knew we would have to keep fresh legs on the floor. Going into the game we knew we were going to play a lot of people.

On senior guard Trey Kell being back:
“Great to have Trey Kell back. It’s the steadiness and the calming influence to have a senior and captain on the floor. He just plays at a different pace than the young kids because he is an older player. He has just learned over the years to play at a better pace. I was a little concerned at the end. It looked like he tweaked his ankle, but he stayed in there. We will probably rehab him and keep him out of practice the next few days and get him ready for Saturday. The best guys we have to guard Justin James is Trey Kell. He’s our best on-ball defender. What you don’t see in stats is that he can take the best offensive player from the other team. He can get the hockey assist; he doesn’t need the spectacular pass to get the accolades.”

On forward Jalen McDaniels:
“Jalen plays that isolation basketball. He is really active and drives to the basket.”

On forward Malik Pope’s 1,000 points:
“Congratulations to Malik Pope on his 1,000-point score. The thing I love about Malik is that he always plays unselfishly. He shares the ball, he shoots when he should, passes when he should, and rebounds at a high level. I’m real proud of Malik for reaching that 1,000-point club and his performance tonight.”

On the game’s lead:
“It’s good to know in close games you can rely on spreading the floor, getting good shots, and not taking bad shots. Anyone that was in the building knew this had a feel of a close game at the end. Like with three minutes to go it could still go either way. I like the fact that my kids had to play with that kind of pressure, and they played well.”

SDSU sophomore forward Nolan Narain

On scoring his career high points:
“I [went out there and] did my role. My teammates found me when I was open and I just controlled my attitude and effort. That’s all I could do.”

On if he felt like he stepped up more than in the past:
“I feel like if I play the way I’m supposed to play and fulfill my role then I feel I’ll be scoring like this pretty much every game. Shout out to my teammates for finding me.”

SDSU senior forward Malik Pope

On energy coming in the game:
“You know what (Wyoming senior forward Hayden) Dalton did to us at their place. All of us were pumped up. I guess I’m just a little bit more emotional when I play. We’re all fired up. Just had to prove a point to ourselves and to them that you’re not going to come in here and put up 40-something points on us again. You know, can’t let that happen twice.”

On physicality during the game:
“I felt like I could use that as my advantage because I know people do that to me, and (Hayden Dalton) is slimmer than me so, I might as well turn the tables and just give him a little nudge every now and then and get him off his spot. You know, make it a little difficult for him. I feel like I did a good job at that for the most part.”

On Nolan Narain’s performance:
“It was amazing. He did his part. He was in the right spots. Defensively he’s pretty smart. I can’t complain. I’m impressed and very happy for him.”

On Jordan Schakel’s performance:
“I’m happy he’s letting it go because he can shoot the ball. He’s just got to shoot with confidence and it’s good. So I’m happy to see his shot finally going in and hopefully it creates more opportunities and opens the floor for the next game, and he can keep firing it.”

On applying today’s performance to future games:
“It’s definitely something we’re trying to emphasize, you know, just to stick with it. The second half, we’ve kind of let up a lot this year so you just want to create a good consistency with that moving forward because we got some big games coming up, and it’s all about how you finish.”

Wyoming head coach Allen Edwards

On his team’s effort tonight:
“Most of it, obviously, was on the defensive end, and we couldn’t get stops and we didn’t do a great job in the first half. The other thing was offensive rebounds. I thought we did a poor job of guarding their guys that we consider really, really good three-point shooters and I thought they had some good open looks. But, we dug a hole early, and in those moments, it starts at the defensive end of the floor. You have 20 minutes of basketball and for me, the way you want to play, whether we have a lead or we’re down – either one – it’s not safe. We had an opportunity after we cut it (SDSU’s lead) to seven, but we gave up the offensive rebounds late. I appreciated the fight, especially with the lead, so guys had to stay out there and fight.”

On allowing 41 bench points to SDSU:
“I thought the game kind of got away in the first half, so it was hard to get even deeper to our bench. Maybe if the game was close in the first half, we would have had our opportunity to stay in it. But we were behind the eight-ball all night, so there was not much we could do to get ourselves back into the basketball game.”

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