#AztecMBB-UNLV Postgame Quotes

San Diego State postgame quotes.

Feb. 16, 2013

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San Diego State head coach Steve Fisher

On the game:
"We fought like crazy. We attacked the rim and scored in the first half. When they went to (Khem) Birch on JJ (O'Brien), it affected his ability to get to the rim. Probably, we shot in the second half, when they went on the 14-0 run, some quicker shots than we should've at the time. That's part of the game. I'm proud of how we competed. We put ourselves even in the end, when it looked like we couldn't with two or three plays, ball down one and with a minute or two before that we were down eight or nine or six or whatever it was. And we just didn't finish it. I wish Jamaal (Franklin) would have attacked the rim quicker, but he didn't, and we didn't.

"Sometimes things happen in the heat of the moment and we didn't win. If he'd have found a way throw one in at the end, we would have been jumping up and down, but unfortunately we didn't."

On coming up short in close games:
"(It's) Basketball 101. When you have a great season, you find ways to make all these plays to win down the stretch. I'm still a believer that if we keep fighting hard, we have close games like this, over time, we'll get a couple more of those."

San Diego State guard Chase Tapley

On the game:
"The problem was that we didn't finish the game. We came back and fought like we always do and we just came up short, but we put ourselves in a position to win at the end."

On if he wanted the ball at the end of the game:
"Yeah, of course I wanted the ball in my hands, but knowing Jamaal (Franklin) and the competitor that he is, having the ball in his hands is like having the ball in my hands."

On missing two free-throws late:
"It just didn't go in. I don't know. It just didn't go in. It felt good, it felt right. It just didn't go in. It stinks that I didn't make those two free-throws. If I make those two free-throws, the game would've probably been different. We probably would've won."

On playing without James Rahon:
"It was very tough. He got hurt in the first three minutes. His outside shooting, his shots, we just missed his presence and his outside shooting.

On the games between SDSU and UNLV:
"They're going to give us their best game and we're going to give them our best game. It's become a great rivalry and every game comes down to the last three to five minutes."

On the reason SDSU has not been winning the close games:
"Not getting calls here, not getting calls there. Not making plays here, not making plays there. It's always something. Last year, we won most of the games that were close. This year we're not winning those games. We just have to look at the drawing board and find a way to not be in a position at the end of the games to have it happen like that; just turn it around."

San Diego State forward JJ O'Brien

On UNLV's defense on him over the course of the game:
"They had a different couple guys on me in the second half. I started off hot and in the second half, I really couldn't buy a basket at all. They did a good job switching up a little and having more help-side stuff in the second half."

On the reason SDSU has not been winning the close games:
"The first half they were all going in and in the second half, I couldn't buy a basket, but I wanted to focus on rebounding and playing defense.

On UNLV's frontline:
"They did a great job. They did a good job rebounding. They had a lot of offensive put-backs. Their defense was good. They did a great job."

On what SDSU need to do to win close games:
"We just have to make plays at the end. That's been the story of a few games this year. We sometimes get ourselves in a hole, but we always fight back and it comes down to the last play or the last few plays. We have to start making better plays at the end of the game or else we're going to keep losing like this. It's a tough conference. Every game is going to be like this so we have to make plays at the end."

On SDSU's two-game road stretch to CSU and UNLV:
"It's the toughest we've been on all year. It's one of the toughest I've been on. Colorado State was an amazing atmosphere, it was loud. It was loud in here, too. They're both great teams. They were both team."

On head coach Steve Fisher's message to the team:
"Just to keep our heads up. We have a game Tuesday. It's time to get ready for Tuesday, get a win, and go on from there."

On the possible criticism Jamaal Franklin may receive:
"I have no problem with anybody who takes shots on the team, whether it's Chase (Tapley), (Xavier Thames), Jamaal (Franklin), anybody. We're all playmakers and we all have the ability to make plays at the end or the beginning or during the whole game. I have no problem with the plays he makes. I am behind him 100 percent, as well as my teammates.

San Diego State guard Jamaal Franklin

On the last SDSU offensive possession:
"I tried to get to the rack to get the ref to call the foul, but, I don't know, I haven't been getting a lot of fouls I normally do lately. I just have to adjust and play a different game."

On if he thought he traveled in the late stages of the game:
"No, it was the same move I was doing the whole game, but I can't make that judgment. The ref called the call and that's it. I can't bring it back and rewind it."

On if the team ran out of gas:
"I don't think we ran out of gas. Both teams played hard. Both teams had the same energy level. We have a great strength and conditioning coach named Randy Shelton so I feel like he did a good job of preparing us for this game. We weren't really tired. At the end of the day, we're on the road, they got an extra boost from their crowd and that's what got them through this win."

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