No. 6/7 #AztecMBB-Utah State Postgame Quotes

Feb. 18, 2014

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SDSU head coach Steve Fisher

Opening statement:
"This was a good win against a good team that didn't play well tonight and we had a lot to do with it. What they did in our first game coming off screens and making shots, we took away from them tonight. We made it hard for them to get good looks, and that can wear on you. I'm very proud of how we competed and played. It was a wonderful team effort that everybody participated in. We played smart and played hard, and that wins for you. It was great to see matt step up and make back-to-back-to-back threes. It's been well documented how many he's not been able to make lately, but he plays and has been in the rotation because he does other things that don't show up in the stat sheet. But it was nice to see him make those baskets tonight."

On seeing Matt Shrigley play to his potential:
"What we do, we do in front of a lot of people in game day, but we do a lot when nobody is watching. I'm happy with how he stuck with it. Matt is a good kid, he's a young guy, and if you're not careful you can get down on yourself no matter what people say to you. He knows we like him and believe in him. When he made those shots, I know he swelled with pride, but we know what he can do. If we're going to be really good, he needs to do that when he comes off the bench. He's gone 12 games without a turnover, that's pretty impressive."

On the team's depth this season:
"We believe we've got the best 1-11 (players) that I've had had since I've been here, and often times, some of those guys don't get a chance to play. Tonight it was (Shrigley) that made offensive played that got us moving forward with that lead. That's a luxury that we have that we need to continue to utilize. You have to be ready mentally as well as physically if going perform when you do go in there, and we have been for most part."

On the team's defense:
"We were good against their set plays tonight. It didn't look like they ran precise set plays tonight, and that was mostly because of us. Even though we had a relatively short preparation time, our kids were engaged and focused on what (Utah State) did. It helps when you've played somebody before. I thought we did a really good job of not giving them a lot of good, clean easy looks.

On anticipating more teams playing zone against them:
"We're good against the zone; we're every bit as good against zone as we are against man-to-man. We can get it to the rim; tonight (Shrigley) made some shots. So I don't worry about if they're going to play zone for 20 or 30 minutes."

SDSU senior guard Xavier Thames

On closing out the game:
"It's pretty big, we came out and played good defense tonight and shot 50 percent in the first half. It was great to get a win like this against a great Utah State team."

On distributing the ball:
"(Other teams) are starting to focus on me a little bit more so that's how I found Matt (Shrigley) in the corner a few times and Skylar (Spencer) as well."

On the effort from the bench:
"At the beginning of the year, we said that we had a lot of depth and that's starting to show right now. Matt (Shrigley) and (Dwayne) Polee have been able to do it and it shows our depth. We have to be able to keep it up."

On the upcoming New Mexico game:
"We're looking forward to it. New Mexico is a great team and I'm sure they are looking forward to playing us. I think it's a little bit of a rivalry game, we know a lot of the guys on their team. It's going to be fun."

On handling Utah State's set plays:
"I think we did a good job. They shot 34 percent from the field and we held them to 45 points. I think we did a good defensive job tonight. In our previous five games, I think we let up a little bit, but in the last two games we've been able to step our defense back up."

SDSU freshman guard Matt Shrigley

On being player of the game:
"I think I played well tonight. I just wanted to go out and compete like Coach (Steve Fisher) is always saying and just play hard."

On his teammates giving him confidence to take the shots:
"They were just giving me the ball in the right situations, the corner was open and I was just able to get those wide open shots."

On feeling like all of the shots were falling in:
"Yeah, I just wanted to test the waters and see if they would go in."

After struggling the past month, on the feeling of knowing your team is behind you:
"I have been shooting well in practice lately so it's just whether the shot is going to fall for me and luckily tonight, they did."

On picking apart Utah State when it seemed like they were giving up:
"I think we moved the ball well. We found the open man, made the right reads and gave the open man the ball."

On this game being different than others:
"I feel like every game you come in with the same mindset. Tonight I made some baskets so my confidence was built up a little bit and you get a little more into the game and get into the flow."

On weight being lifted off his shoulders:
"I guess. I don't look at it like that. Tonight, my shots were lucky enough to fall in."

On keeping his self-esteem and confidence up:
"Coach (Steve Fisher) is always telling me to play with confidence and that's what you have to do, just think the next one is going to go in."

SDSU sophomore forward Skylar Spencer

On feeling of having the perfect sequences in the first half:
"It felt pretty good. Coach has been talking to me to make sure my confidence stays up and that I stay aggressive so I think I did a pretty good job of staying aggressive for my team."

On the upcoming game against New Mexico:
"It's really is a big game. Ever since we lost to them last time in Vegas, I told Coach Dutcher that I was looking forward to playing them again and the same thing is not going to happen. It is a big game. I've got it circled on my list."

Utah State head coach Stew Morrill

On the game:
"We never really gave ourselves a chance. Credit San Diego State for making that happen, but we were pretty much inept offensively. I think their (San Diego State's) defense is a big reason why we were inept. In the second half, we played much better defensively. They missed shots, but we couldn't make baskets to help us out. They're awfully good, great on the defensive end. Their athletes cause you lots of problems. (Matt) Shrigley hasn't made shots (lately), but he made a bunch tonight and that helped them offensively. We could have come in here and played very well and got beat, but we didn't. We came in and played bad and got beat. Credit them for making us play bad, they're a good team. They're hard to deal with their pressure, their length."

On gameplay in the second half:
"There was a period there where if we could make some shots, we could have capitalized there. (Neither team) was making shots. Not much more to it than that."

On the difference between playing at Viejas Arena and in Logan (Utah):
"You know we (Utah State) were better at our place. There we made plays for each other, tonight we didn't. Anybody's team is a little better at home. Were they better here tonight than they were in Logan? Yeah. Were we better there than we were here? Yeah, quite a bit."

Utah State senior guard Spencer Butterfield

On the game:
"Offensively we just couldn't find our rhythm. Give San Diego State credit, they play great defense. We just missed some shots that we usually make. We gave ourselves a chance there defensively (in the second half), we had a lot of stops there for a while. We just couldn't capitalize on offense. When you don't make shots, it can make for an off night. They're really good defensively; you've got to hand it to them. They're top 10 in the country for a reason. They know how to play defense. They've got some tall guards and they're all really athletic."

On playing in Viejas Arena:
"It's definitely a good experience. It's one of those things you'll always remember. They've (San Diego State) got a great fan base. It's a great environment. That might have got to some of our guys early on, but it's a good opportunity."

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