SDSU Men's Basketball-Nevada Postgame Quotes

San Diego State postgame quotes.

Feb. 23, 2013

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San Diego State Head Coach Steve Fisher (from the postgame news conference)

Opening statement:
"This was another good, important win for us. It was a game that people say you're supposed to win. It was a home game and we came out and did what we needed to do against a very dangerous team. This team can score the ball as everyone saw. I'm especially pleased with our offense. It's as good as we've been sharing the ball. We had 32 field goals and 22 assists. JJ O'Brien had seven assists and Jamaal (Franklin) had five. It was nice to watch how we spread the floor and spaced the floor. We're willing to give it up to the first open man. When you shoot as well as we did, you're going to get the assists when you make the passes. I thought for the most part we guarded pretty well. We couldn't stop (Malik) Story from getting his shot. When he got it, he made it. He was sensational for them today. He looked as if he were Kobe Bryant the way he was shooting the ball and he's done that before. I wish that it would have been 20, but it was a good victory for us and I think we have a lot of good teaching points to build on and feel good about ourselves. Now, we move to New Mexico to get ready for that one."

On Skylar Spencer's blocks:
"Skylar (Spencer) can block shots. That, right now, is what he's known for. I didn't realize that he had as many as he did until people started talking about it. He's got a knack. Some of it's the long arms and the 6'9" (height), but he's got a feel for where to be. He's got great timing. I think being left handed gives him an advantage as a shot blocker. We need to keep him going. (UNLV's Khem) Burch is the best shot blocker in the league and Skylar is probably a close second."

On another freshman excelling and what does it say about his coaching style:
"We have a lot of good players who are good people. If you give them an opportunity, they have a chance to be effective. We're now almost through a season so now you can now no longer call them freshmen, they're players. Skylar's a player. He's gotten time. It's not like he hasn't gotten opportunities. He's played 15-20 minutes a game so I don't think you have to designate a class that he's in. He's a pretty good basketball player. When you do say he's a freshmen and we'll have him for three more years which will allow him to grow his game in every department."

On the 20 wins for eight consecutive years:
"Every win feels good. I know we've won 25 or more four straight years so we'd like to try and do that again. What 20 says is that you're a pretty good team with a chance to make the NCAA tournament. Given the fact that New Mexico is sitting three games ahead of us and two games ahead of Colorado State, we want to win the next game. We want to win every game we play. Every one of these games is a resume builder for post season play too."

On the importance of Jamaal Franklin's efficiency on the offensive end:
"Everybody's been good the past two games. Everyone likes to talk about Jamaal not shooting it well, so I would appreciate the fact that when he has back-to-back games if you look at his stat line and say that's pretty impressive. I believe it was 6-for-7 in the last game and 8-for-12 today. Twelve rebounds and five assists and one turnover, those are pretty good numbers. Our practices have been pretty good mentally. They have been led by Chase (Tapley) and Jamaal in terms of really utilizing our first 20 minutes of practice every day. They've really worked at skill building and spot shooting. We've shot the ball really well in practice so I'm not shocked. I'm happy that we got some pretty impressive numbers field goal wise the last two games but we've practiced that way. Jamaal and Chase have been on the front burner of that."

On Winston Sheppard's development and consistency:
"Winston follows the lead of some of those older guys. I think his practices have been more steady and his concentration has been better. I think that has carried over into his game performance. He's made some perimeter shots where people have hoped he would shoot it. He's made the 12-footer and the 15-footer and has looked good doing it. Winston's going to be a really good player. He's had some moments where he's looked like a young guy but he's slowly getting the peaks and valleys out of his game and becoming more consistent. Tonight, he had a pretty good stat line too."

On playing the past couple games versus the whole season:
"I talked before we had our morning walk through. We didn't really shoot around. I talked about the mental part of the game. I said the absolutes that have to be there have been there almost all the time. That's good effort and energy. We've had that but I said, `We must do a better job from the neck up.' I think that's been a big part of why we've been a little more consistent and playing better. I think we've played smarter. I think we haven't let frustration creep in as much. When you make baskets, sometimes that helps. I don't know how much better we are now than in January, but hopefully we'll continue to do that. This is a tough, unforgiving league. You can play well and not win. I thought we competed hard and played pretty good basketball on our two road losses. We just need to stay with it and not be satisfied and come back on Monday to work harder. We're not practicing long now but we are concentrating and doing what we've done in the past few games."

San Diego State Head Coach Steve Fisher (from the radio postgame interview)

On his eighth consecutive 20+ win season:
"I haven't done the figuring but there are not that many teams in the country that can say that they have eight consecutive seasons with 20 or more wins. We are one of them, we have 25 (wins) for four straight years and we are pushing to see if we can do that again this year. This was a good, important victory for us today. In the pregame (interview) I said that we need to win the games that the outsiders say that you are supposed to win and we've done that. You need to win your home games and we've found a way to do that most of the time. This was a good win for us."

On the team's high shooting percentage:
"Yes, that will win (games) for you, without a doubt. I told the team yesterday that they have really been taking our pre-practice, our skill-building segment to heart. We have really shot the ball well in practice and I think it has been a little bit of a ripple effect. I know the confidence has been there when they have shot it; they shoot so well in practice. When we have open shots we have been making them and we sure did that tonight."

On Nevada's athletes:
"They really do (have great athletes). Malik Story can get on a roll, like he did today, and he can make shots that would make Kobe Bryant stand up and applaud. He was absolutely unguardable today."

On Jamaal Franklin:
"He's a warrior and he plays to win. He competes like none other and he continues to do that. I think in particular, right now, he and Chase (Tapley) have kind of set the bar for our kids in terms of what to expect. They have been so much better in terms of practice, concentration, attention to detail and it has been immensely helpful for us. He was very good today, without question."

On who will guard New Mexico's Kendall Williams:
"Maybe we better take the tape of what (Malik) Story did to us and put that in with Williams and you would have a guy that can make a multi-million dollar contract between the two of them."

On SDSU's offense tonight:
"Our offense today was so wonderful to watch for a coach. We talked about movement of the ball, we talked about making the extra pass and we talked about sharing the ball. I don't think we have ever been better. We made 32 field goals and had 22 assists. Absolutely sensational. It really makes it enjoyable for everybody. I know our fans like to see the dunks but I was so impressed with the way we moved and shared the ball offensively, I thought it was terrific."

On tonight's success:
"It was fun to be a part of and I know our kids are pleased with how they executed. It was very neat."

On playing New Mexico and having past success on the road:
"We have gone in and played well. Not only played well but have won. So we will go in believing that we can win. They're going to be on an ultimate high. Right now with three games to play, maybe four for some of them, they have a two-game lead and it looks as though they are going to be cutting nets and hoisting the conference championship trophy. We would like to be the team that has beat them back-to-back so we have that opportunity. We will be ready to play and I know they will be also. They are a very good team, very well coached and it should be a wonderful atmosphere. I do believe that we will play very good basketball."

Closing statement:
"I thank our fans, they continue to give us great energy from their end and we appreciate that immensely."

San Diego State Junior Guard Jamaal Franklin

On the team playing its best basketball this season:
"I would say it's up there. I feel like we've played a lot of good basketball. If you look at all of the games we lost, we could have won them. If just came down to a couple of possessions we lost. I would say we're playing really good basketball right now, but I wouldn't say it's our best basketball. We're trying to achieve to get better."

On guarding Nevada's senior guard Malik Story:
"He caught on fire and everything he threw up, he was going to make. We played good defense. A couple times we had a couple of shots, but I would say most of his shots were contested and he was just making it."

On playing New Mexico next week:
"I always look forward to going to big games. Chase (Tapley) and I love going to big games and going to the pit is one of the biggest games other than going to UNLV and Colorado State. We look forward to going out there, but we know they want to hit us in our mouth because we beat them here. We have to match their intensity and try to get a win."

San Diego State Senior Guard Chase Tapley

On playing more team basketball:
"I would say we are (playing more team basketball). Tonight, I don't know the exact numbers, but we had assists on all of our shots. I think Jamaal had about five and J.J. had seven. Sharing the ball is going to be key down the road for us to be successful."

On the Aztecs' success in winning 20 games this season:
"It's a testament of what Coach Fisher has meant to this program, what he's done with his coaching staff and the players he's brought in. We're always going to keep building on what we've been doing. Twenty wins in the last eight seasons, lets finish this one off and hopefully we'll get another 20 wins next season and keep this tradition going."

Nevada Postgame Quotes

Nevada Head Coach David Carter

His thoughts on the game:
"(Chase) Tapley goes 3-for-4 from the 3-point line, and we rotated off of guys. I think (SDSU) hurt us on the pick-and-roll, they went to it a little bit more than they did in the first game. Give (SDSU) credit. They played pretty well and they made shots with a hand in their face."

On if SDSU shot the shots Nevada wanted them to take:
"I thought they did, until they went in. I think Tapley was the one that we didn't guard close enough, and then he got started. (Jamaal) Franklin is going to do his thing. He hit a couple threes on us when we went underneath the screen. We thought he would be more of a driver tonight, but he stepped back and shot it."

On his team's transition defense:
"At times we did well, and at other times I think they got too many easy looks and dunks to ignite the crowd. You have to get back in transition. You can't let them get exciting plays when they're at home."

On SDSU's run in the last seven minutes of the first half:
"We couldn't get stops. I think in the first half we had eight points in transition, and when you're not getting stops and you have to take the ball out of the basket, it's tough. (SDSU) is good defensively. They can switch and guard (positions) 1-5 with all their guys. In the half court, you have to get stops. They shot 50-percent in the first half and it really dug us a hole, because every time we had to take the ball out, their defense was set."

On why SDSU has shot so well against them this season:
"We let Tapley get loose, and I think Franklin shot the ball better tonight than he did (in the last meeting) too. They're a good team. They can score with a hand in their face. They don't need a lot of screens to get open, they have good one-on-one players."

On stopping SDSU's balanced offensive attack:
"Whoever gets going, they go to him. Then Franklin get's going. Then they use a pick-and-roll and (DeShawn) Stephens gets a couple easy ones. (Xavier) Thames drove the ball well and got to the free-throw line. (Winston) Shepard, we rotated off him, and he hit some threes. They have a lot of guys that can score and step up."

On recruiting Skylar Spencer out of high school:
"Yeah we were trying to get him, but he wanted to stay close to home. He picked a great school and he's doing really well for them."

Nevada Guard Malik Story

On the difference from the first game between the two teams:
"Once (SDSU) got comfortable, we couldn't stop it. That's what happens when you play a team as talented as San Diego State."

On SDSU's good shooting against them this season:
"I just think we didn't play together as a team. We're just not playing with the same effort as we did last year. We're not pressuring in the back court and we're not contesting jumpers. That starts with me."

On his conversation with Coach Fisher after the game:
"He told me after (their last meeting) that he likes how I play and I'm one of his favorite players to watch. I appreciate that. He's an historic coach, so anything he tells me I take to heart."

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