No. 20/20 SDSU-UCSD Postgame Quotes

Nov. 5, 2012

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San Diego State head coach Steve Fisher

On the game:
"I thought we were better today than we were in exhibition number one, which is important. We are a team that will truly share and move the ball and I think that will win (games) for us. The thing that we must get better on is defensive rebounding. We have to rebound that ball and if we don't do that on Friday were are in big trouble."

On Chase Tapley:
"Chase is a guy that can really get on his perimeter game. He made two or three (shots) early in the game to get all of us feeling good about ourselves."

On JJ O'Brien:
"He is smart, knows how to play and you can't put a premium on that. He has so much value added that does not show up on the score board."

On opening on the USS Midway:
"It's a huge event for program, university and city. I would say the same thing is being said in Syracuse. They are immensely excited to come out and play. I think it will be something that we will all remember. It is a lifetime memory that we are very much looking forward to have. Syracuse is obviously a formidable challenge. We are going to come out and play very hard and we have got a good team."

On what Coach Fisher has observed in the past two games:
"I don't think I've learned a whole lot more. We have depth, versatility with how we can play. We have to get better with our defense, taking care of the ball and rebounding the ball."

On San Diego State University's seniors:
"I will point to Chase Tapley, Jamaal Franklin and Xavier Thames in particular. They have done a good job in vocally leading this team in a lot of little things from locker room behavior to how we prepare. I think that is a credit to them and without question will help us as we move through this season."

On starting line-up:
"I think we are pretty close on in a lot of spots. Even though that was our exhibition line-up, I'm sure before we start conference that we will have a variety of different line ups than from what we have seen tonight."

Senior guard Chase Tapley

On nine turnovers versus 22 in first exhibition and being ready to play Syracuse:
"After the first game having 22 turnovers, we have to look back at what we do offensively and really take care of the ball. Coach Fisher and the rest of the coaches always talk about `taking care of the ball is the number one key on the board.' Tonight that's what we wanted to do is keep taking care of the ball and just having the most possessions that we can. And by that, we can't turn the ball over and we did that well today. "

Sophomore forward J.J. O'Brien

On nine turnovers versus 22 in first exhibition and being ready to play Syracuse:
"Yeah, we definitely picked it up in that sense. Coach talks about being smart-aggressive. In the first game, we were overly aggressive and we weren't being smart with it. In this game, we were definitely smarter as well as still being aggressive. The goal is to keep it under ten and we did that so we definitely improved in that area."

On being ready for Syracuse:
"We still have a few days of preparing. We've come a long way even just from the first game we played, but we're going to be ready. We practice hard when we scout and we'll be ready to play against them."

On his versatility with the team:
"Yeah, that's been my whole life pretty much just being versatile, trying to do everything on the floor. With this team we have a lot of shooters, a lot of people that can put the ball in the basket. So if I'm not getting all the shot attempts or anything, I just like to go and try to clean up anything that's missed and any other way I can help I'm going to do that. That's what I've done my whole life, so anyway I can help put in the one, two, three, four or five I'm going to do it for the team."

UCSD head coach Chris Carlson

On the game:
"I saw a lot of good things, and I was very encouraged by our performance. I thought we competed. We weren't always sharp early with our offense, but when we did get down and execute, I thought we got some great shots. I feel very confident about our group going forward. There are a lot of things for us to build on. Just like San Diego State getting ready for Syracuse, our biggest thing is getting ready for a very good Dixie State team on Friday."

On SDSU as a program:
"They (SDSU) are just really good players. They are very talented players, very skilled. They can make a variety of shots. They're well coached and that's the bottom line. They are put in spots where they can be successful. That's the basis of good coaching and that's what they get every day from Coach Fisher and staff. I just think people need to be a little patient with them. Give them some time to grow. When they do, they are going to be a real problem. They have a lot of weapons. When I say `be patient with them', they have some youth and some newness coming off the bench that is very talented and needs to get used to this level. When they do, they're going to be a really tough group to play against. Aztec fans should be very excited about what's around the corner."

On the SDSU atmosphere:
"I've been coming here a long time. I've been here the last few years and have seen this thing grow and what the student crowd has been able to do. It's fantastic. It's great for basketball in this community. I'm always eager to come over here and see what's next from `The Show' and from this program as a whole."

UCSD junior guard James McCann

On how they did Monday night:
"We were playing a real tough team. We came out a little bit slow, dug ourselves a hole. It was tough to battle back from it later in the game, but I'm encouraged. Our guys played hard the whole game."

On facing the type of athletes SDSU has:
"We're never going to see that type of athleticism and length probably for the rest of the year. That makes it really difficult to execute the easy things you take for granted. I was guarding a 6' 8" point guard for probably half the game and it was difficult, (but it was) a lot of fun though."

On the crowd and atmosphere:
"The atmosphere is great. `The Show' is getting famous around here in San Diego. It was a lot of fun. The students are really into it and give a lot of support to the team."

On how this exhibition will help UCSD for the season:
"Playing as good a team as this will gauge us on where we're at for the season right now. We're not going to think anybody else we play this season is difficult to play against."

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