No. 25/23 SDSU-San Diego Christian Postgame Quotes

Nov. 13, 2012

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San Diego State Head Coach Steve Fisher on KOGO 95.7 FM & AM 600

On San Diego State's performance tonight:
"Today we put our six bullet points up and at the end I wrote `pride'. I talked about how really good teams that are of championship caliber play that way all the time. That was our challenge tonight."

"We really did a good job of not getting selfish. We did a good job of sharing the ball. If a guy was open we gave up the ball and I think that is a testament to the quality of the kids we have."

On Jamaal Franklin:
"Jamal internalizes so much that when things don't go well he just obsesses over it. We have talked long and hard about that. When things go wrong you can't do anything other than think `what can I gain from the experience that I had.' Jamaal is so much better now from the neck up. He has gotten a lot better in every facet of his game."

On DeShawn Stephens:
"There is no one who wants to please more or try to do it exactly the way you asked more than DeShawn. He has grown tremendously and he has a lot more improving that he will do as we more forward.

San Diego State Head Coach Steve Fisher at Press Conference

Opening Statement:
"I liked the way we came out and played with high energy and pretty high I.Q. and, as important as anything, together. We did a good job of sharing the ball, giving it up to a guy when he was open and when you do that, everything looks good. So it was a nice win for us, a win that we expected. But I liked not only the win, but the way we got it. I felt pretty good about it. We guarded, we tried to change a couple things and switched a bunch of stuff and changed a variety of things and they listened and did that. Second half, rather than just run up and down and try to outscore them, I thought we continued to guard. I was pleased with the way we played."

On the players' `edge' after losing to Syracuse:
"I don't know about having an `edge;' obviously we were very disappointed. Not only in losing, but the way we started the game and we talk about having runs and Syracuse had a 17-to-2 run to begin the game after we scored the first basket and we were never able to get back in the game. I thought we competed really hard, but you want to win. You want to win and often times when you lose a game like that, and you play somebody that everyone tells you `you should win and you should win easily,' you're not quite as prepared as you should be. I thought we were prepared to play tonight. But the important thing is that you do that every night and we did that tonight, so that was nice. Our fans always help. I love our student crowd in particular. It was neat tonight to have the formal presentation of, not only the rings, but the banner. So it was nice, it was neat."

On how the team's ability to make shots will affect the team's success:
"I don't think we're taking bad shots either. You've got to shoot with confidence. James (Rahon) needs to shoot with more confidence. He struggled a little bit and he's too good of a shooter. We've talked about it, sometimes when you're not getting them to go in and you need to get an easy one, a lay-up or an inside basket, in order to say `now I've made one.' I'm not worried about our ability to make shots and I'm hoping that we have one of those games where now we shoot and we shoot better than we can, because we haven't shot as well as we're capable of shooting, there's no question about that. Chase (Tapley) is the one guy that every time he shoots it, I think it's going in. He still looks like the form, and it's right there. He's just got to stay with it. I told him at halftime, when you get open shots, that open three, you have to be able to shoot it."

San Diego State senior guard Chase Tapley

On tonight's start:
"It was rough at first, but like Coach Fisher said, he's never going to get mad (at us) for taking an open shot. The shots we were getting were open looks, and it just wasn't falling down. As the night went on, we started knocking those shots down and making the open passes and started focusing on defense."

On seeing the 2012 Mountain West banner drop tonight:
"It's always a great new feeling when you see that banner drop. Every time you come to Viejas, you look up there and see what year you were a part of and what you helped achieve. Getting our rings too was just an unbelieveable feeling, a blessed feeling to share with the coaching staff, fans, my family that was here and most importantly, my teammates. It's just an unbelieveable feeling and a great memory."

San Diego State junior guard Jamaal Franklin

On his success tonight:
"We've been working. The last exhibition game, I was really trying to play my game but other people were doing better than me. I can't force the issue and try to outshine anyone. I was blessed to have a good game tonight and be back in rhythm like I was last year."

On the future of the team
"I feel like we're going to be really, really good. We have great shooters like Chase (Tapley), James Rahon, JJ O'Brien and myself. If we're all hitting our shots and we're all sparking, I feel like we're going to be really good."

On getting the younger players involved:
"It's really big to have confidence going into the other games so the more play you get, the more confidence you get and I feel like Skylar (Spencer) and (Dwayne Polee) did a really good job today. That's going to build into the next game when we go to Missouri."

San Diego Christian Head Coach Tim Cook

"I've played them three times as a coach. They are the most athletically gifted and as talented as I've seen out of the three (times) that we've played them. They have all the makings to make a deep run in the conference and in the NCAA tournament. I think if the outside shots go in, it's going to be really hard to beat them because that's really the only thing that's a little inconsistent with them right now. Everything else is on full. I don't think that you can look at that Syracuse game as indicative because it was outside. They are going to have to play someone like that deep in the tournament, but I think there's going to be a different outlook when they play inside."

On the atmosphere:
"The atmosphere here is unbelievable. It's so neat because obviously Southern California loves winners and they're really starting to win. It's great to see this community. I love the San Diego community. I'm really glad they have something to put their hands on. Coach Fisher is a class act. He treats me like gold. The fans are great. We don't see it where we play. You can't boo. You can't do all that stuff so it's kind of neat because it's a real college university atmosphere."

San Diego Christian senior forward Kevin Dawson

"I've played against DeShawn Stephens in junior college three times. I've played against Dwayne Polee II in high school. From that standpoint, I don't look at them like they are at a higher level than me personally. There's a size differential and they're a deep team. That's a top 25 team in the nation. You have to give them credit because they're a good team. No matter how you slice it, no matter what level, they're a good team."

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