San Diego State Men's Hoops-Long Beach State Postgame Quotes

San Diego State Men's Hoops Postgame Quotes

Nov. 19, 2011

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San Diego State Head Coach Steve Fisher:

From the postgame news conference:
Opening Statement:
"I ended our postgame locker room talk and went through six or seven different individuals, but still really talked about the team and the fact that we played so hard; it was a team victory. I am so happy for Tim (Shelton), and for us, but for Tim who has really grinded it out, and you don't even know how hard it's been. He's done everything right. It's great to see him be rewarded with opportunity to be able to play. I also said that we are going to be keeping a new stat because he has to lead the nation in charges taken. I don't know how many he got tonight, but his charges are equally as good, if not better, than our blocked shots a year ago. When people started driving late in the game, I think they looked for him. So, pay no attention to the stat line. If you know basketball, you say, `He is a winner.' And he is. This was a wonderful team victory by everybody. So it's nice to see your fifth-year senior being rewarded by winning, but also by being able to play. Two good teams; that was a good team we played, and we competed hard. We feel good about ourselves; it could have easily gone the other way, but it was nice to send our fans over to the Q with an Aztec victory."

On Xavier Thames' clutch play in overtime:
"Xavier is about winning and about `what can I do to help us win?' He had the front page of the sports section, above the fold on Friday, `Game Winning Field Goal.' We have a thought of the day, every day, and my thought that day (Friday) was: `The key to stardom, is the rest of the team.' Today it was Xavier, and tomorrow it will be somebody else. I didn't think Xavier played particularly well early, he sat for a long stretch. We were getting ready to put him back in and he said, `Let them stay, we're going good right now.' It wasn't because he was afraid to go back in. He said `let them stay right now; they're going good.' That was Xavier's comment to me when we were going to put him back in. When he came back in, he played every play. You have to play every play and not think about the previous; play in the moment. He played big and got in the cracks; he made some big plays for us. He wasn't the only one, but he made some good important plays for us."

On playing in Arizona with the Aztecs' history there:
"I don't think we've ever won at Arizona in my tenure here. It's a hard place to play; anywhere on the road is hard. The day before Thanksgiving, trust me, it's not going to be all students, but they'll have that building filled. We think it will be a very good game. We are going over there to win and we think that we're good enough to compete and have another game like we did today."

From the postgame radio interview:

Opening statement:
"What you had today were two teams that left it all on the floor. Not perfect, but a teaching tape of what energy, effort, toughness and togetherness can do for both teams. I mean either team could have won that game."

On Long Beach State Head Coach Dan Monson:
"I have a lot of respect for what Coach Monson has done with the Long Beach program. He has a senior driven team, led by Casper Ware and they are very good."

On the game:
"So this was a wonderful win for our team. It was a great team win and you can go on, and on, and on about all of the guys. It truly was a team victory."

On Tim Shelton:
"He has got to lead the nation in charges taken. He has stepped up time and time again to either take a charge, or at least make them flinch a little bit as the come in, worried that he was going to take a charge."

On the fans:
"This was terrific. We had phenomenal fan support. And I told our guys if I am a paying customer I'd pay double to watch this game."

On Jamaal Franklin:
"Jamaal is the epitome of high, high, energy. He is one hundred miles an hour all the time. He knew what happened on the last play. What we wanted to do was switch that and have Jamaal switch to take it, but obviously we didn't want to foul, and he knew that. To have him come back and continue to compete and play hard was nice. It was nice to have him be the guy on the line to make the two free throws to give us the margin of victory."

On the team's rebounding effort:
"When we played them at their place a year ago, and all of their guys are back, they beat us on that. They had 13 or 14 to our 10 and had more offensive put-backs per basket than we did. Today it was the flip of that. We competed. That is competing and going after the ball and they did a great job."

On Long Beach State:
"This team that we played runs better than most in the country. They run to score lay ups off your turnovers and we did a great job of securing the ball and not making a turnover that led to an easy basket going the other way."

On Xavier Thames:
"I don't think he played very well early on. And he sat for a long stretch and Mark Fisher said we need to put X back in and X said I think we are playing too good right now, let them stay together a little longer. How many guys say that to you? And it wasn't because he was scared, he just felt like the flow was good and he said give them a couple more minutes, let's see how they do the next two or three trips; and that's Xavier. He cares more about winning than he does about anything else, and that rubs off on everybody."

San Diego State sophomore guard Jamaal Franklin:
On his late-game free throws:
"It would have been a little different if it was away, but I'm at home so the crowd's going to be quiet. It's like shooting in practice and I've been shooting well at the free-throw line, (even though) I missed two today. When you're a good shooter you just have to erase your misses and think about what you're doing well."

San Diego State junior guard James Rahon:
On the game:
"We knew they were a great team, especially after their game against Pittsburgh. We're pretty similar. We just had to play tough, play defense and get back in transition. I think we played tough. Hopefully all the fans keep coming back and watch us." "I think we were just more poised in the second half. The start of the game was a little hectic at first, but we settled down and made easy plays and started hitting shots. That's how we got the win."

On his left foot:
"It's getting better every day. I still feel it a little bit, but I just keep getting treatment and that's all I can do."

San Diego State sophomore guard Xavier Thames:
On his fadeaway shot:
"I work on it every day in practice. So thank God I made the shot and got a good team win for us."

Long Beach State head coach Dan Monson:
On the game:
"I don't want to diminish from them because I thought it was a good, close basketball game. I thought they played well, I really think in the first half we played around with the game too much. We weren't sharp enough and on the road, if you let a team hang around at home, with a crowd like that, you're going to have problems. I just thought we were way too loose with the ball and I thought they were more aggressive with loose balls, rebounds and those kinds of things. They ended up being rewarded for it."

On if not taking advantage of early leads was a key to the loss:
"Good teams smell blood and we sniffed it and didn't do anything about it and that was disappointing."

On the loss:
"They were doubling our bigs and they didn't make very good decisions, they held the ball too long. We didn't make simple plays. We didn't play well enough together. We had 24 assists and 10 turnovers on Wednesday and we had just the reverse today. We had 12 assists and 23 turnovers. We had guys trying to do too much, go off on their own too much."

On a possible hangover after the win against Pittsburgh:
"It was a good close basketball game. We're not going to go undefeated in the preseason schedule. It's not like this is a Division II team we lost to. This is a good basketball team. We'll take a lot of learning out of it on film. We'll move on and try to get better. This is a long season. People think we beat Pittsburgh and the seasons over. I said that all along, that was one game. We've got 30 more to play."

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