No. 25/25 SDSU-Arkansas-Pine Bluff Postgame Quotes

Nov. 21, 2012

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San Diego State-Arkansas-Pine Bluff Postgame Quotes

SDSU head coach Steve Fisher

Opening statement:
"I thought we did a nice job defensively for most of the game, especially in the first half. We made it hard for them to get good clean looks at the basket and it showed. Chase (Tapley) got us off the snide with his perimeter shooting when we had open looks and didn't make them early, and then he started making a couple. And often, when one guy makes one, then the next guy can make one and we had a stretch where we made four, five, six in a row I think - and it was keyed by Chase. That's a veteran guy that's making plays that help you win. DeShawn (Stephens) always give us great energy. Seven turnovers, obviously that's a whole lot better than what we've been doing. I liked the way we appeared to be more under control with our early offense and fast break rather than just running at the fastest pace we could run. We looked to have a measured pace where we knew what we wanted to do rather than just running and saying, `What am I going to do when I get closer to the basket.' It was a good way to head into Thanksgiving. They'll get harder from here - we know that. It was good to get this win. We have to continue to get better. We've got a lot of room to grow and we know that, work very hard in practice and get incrementally better."

On the first double-double for DeShawn Stephens:
"DeShawn is always where the action is. He makes effort plays for us. He's got to continue to get better in that low-post area but we've got to throw him the ball a little bit more. (There's) no finer guy in any program in America than this guy.

"There is no one who wants to please more or try to do it exactly the way you asked more than DeShawn. He has grown tremendously and he has a lot more improving that he will do as we move forward."

On Skylar Spencer's quality game:
"Skylar played very well at Missouri State. He's a guy that's always around the ball; he gets a lot of rebounds and is always near the ball. I thought he played well for us tonight."

On San Diego State's performance tonight:
"Today we put our six bullet points up and at the end I wrote `pride'. I talked about how really good teams that are of championship caliber play that way all the time. That was our challenge tonight. We really did a good job of not getting selfish. We did a good job of sharing the ball. If a guy was open we gave up the ball and I think that is a testament to the quality of the kids we have."

On Jamaal Franklin:
"Jamal internalizes so much that when things don't go well he just obsesses over it. We have talked long and hard about that. When things go wrong you can't do anything other than think, `What can I gain from the experience that I had?' Jamaal is so much better now from the neck up. He has gotten a lot better in every facet of his game."

SDSU senior forward DeShawn Stephens

On getting his first double-double tonight:
"It feels good. Finally, after so many games getting nine rebounds, I think, but it felt good. I should be doing it all the time. I just have to keep working hard."

On USC's size:
"It's definitely going to be different, but it's not like we haven't faced size before. We just have to adapt to it, try to play the best basketball we can and do what we can to win."

SDSU senior guard Chase Tapley

On the team's shooting tonight:
"We all have the confidence and coach has the confidence in all of us to keep working on our jump shots in practice and really doing game shots when are shooting from the perimeter. Coach Fisher has been very vocal about that. When you have your teammates and coach's confidence in you, you shouldn't be scared to shoot. Today we were just knocking down shots."

Arkansas-Pine Bluff head coach George Ivory

Overall thoughts on the game:
"San Diego State shot the ball very well tonight. They were 11-out-of-27 from three and I think anytime you make 11 three's you're shooting it pretty good. I thought they did a great job defensively. They played hard all through the game and that's what I expected out of a team ranked 25th in the country. We got to shoot the ball better from the three-point line and the free-throw line. They're a great basketball team and I hope we can take something from this and learn how to be aggressive and execute the way they did tonight."

On traveling to play in tough road contests:
"It will help you learn a lot about your team and let your guys play against tough competition and see great fans like there was here tonight, a hostile crowd. I thought overall, this is what I expected as far as a crowd and atmosphere."

On Chase Tapley and Jamaal Franklin:
"(Chase) Tapley, he got them going it seemed like to me. He shot the ball very well. (Jamaal) Franklin did a great job rebounding and he's a hard matchup, about 6-5, he rebounds well, he's tough and he can shoot the ball off the dribble. So they got a pretty good team."

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