No. 17/15 Men's Hoops-UCSB Postgame Quotes

Aztec head coach Steve Fisher and the players spoke to the media following Thursday night's game.

Dec. 6, 2012

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San Diego State Head Coach Steve Fisher

On the game:
"We shot the ball the first half as well I've seen San Diego State do since I got here. Chase Tapley has been shooting the ball so well in practice that every time he shoots it, you think it is going in. We did a nice job against the defense that they played, which can be confusing. However, we didn't guard well enough in the second half, which has been evident in the last two games."

On UC Santa Barbara:
"Bob Williams is a good friend of mine. He has a good young team; I will underline the word young. Alan Williams is a load inside. Williams is big, strong and good. Kyle Boswell hurt us last year and won the game for them against Santa Clara. Tonight he made some open shots, but also some where we were all over him. I don't want to say that it was all us not guarding, I want to say that UC Santa Barbara did a good job attacking our post double. I am pleased that we are 7-1. We are going to take two days off as we get into finals week and get ourselves thinking about University of San Diego as we move into next week."

On San Diego State's leadership:
"I like the leadership the team is showing. One of my six bullet points today was `leaders lead' and we have to have that. We have to have that from Xavier Thames, Jamaal Franklin and Chase Tapley, who are out there in the starting lineup."

San Diego State sophomore forward JJ O'Brien

On UCSB's Alan Williams:
"He's good. He has a big body and he knows how to use his body to get buckets. He did a good job against the post double, either scoring really quickly before we got there or taking it out. He's definitely a good player."

On the break before playing USD:
"I think it's going to give us time to watch tape and break down what we need to get better at and work on that and not have to worry about a scout or playing another team, so I think it's going to be a good thing."

San Diego State senior guard Chase Tapley

On the team having two sets of starting lineups:
"Coach Fisher can put any match-up out there and we all can gel with each other. We can really come together out there on the floor. I'll have to say there's probably a couple of starting lineups that could be put out on the floor. Like JJ (O'Brien) said, that's just how versatile our team is. We can put four guards out there and a couple of bigs. We're very versatile. That's going to be a problem for teams later on down on the line."

On the shooting slump at the beginning of the season:
"Not at all, we all know we can shoot and everybody has seen us shoot. That first game, on the boat against Syracuse, made us look like we couldn't shoot, but we we're confident. I remember James (Rahon) saying that if you're confident then you can really shoot. That's what has been displayed throughout these last couple of games."

UC Santa Barbara Head Coach Bob Williams

On SDSU being a tough team to beat when they're shooting it so well:
"Yeah, next year we ought to try to move it to the aircraft carrier. It might be a better result for us. Making them play in the wind, they probably wouldn't be able to shoot the ball like that - six out of eight in the first half is pretty impressive. I'm not sure we make six out of eight with nobody guarding us."

On SDSU's guards:
"Their guards are so incredibly poised, those senior guards. Their poised, their smart, the play together really well. They never get hurried up, they don't get rattled. They're a really good basketball team."

Thoughts on SDSU for the rest of the season:
"They've got a team that can play against anybody, much like coach (Fisher's) team a couple years ago where, on the West Coast at least, the only team they might have trouble matching up with is Gonzaga."

UC Santa Barbara junior guard Kyle Boswell

"They're a team where you have to keep them from penetrating and at the same time make them really shoot the ball really well. They have (Chase) Tapley, Jamaal (Franklin) and Xavier (Thames). They have a bunch of weapons that you have to respect. If you're going to give up one them, they are going to exploit you."

On SDSU making outside shots:
"They are good for a reason. You have to limit them to how many open shots they can get. If you're closing out and they're making tough shots, then that's how it goes. I know a couple of times we lost their shooters and that's just not acceptable. You have to know who is making three's and close out hard on them."

On SDSU joining their league next year:
"I am (happy about SDSU joining our league). It's a good challenge every year. My whole career we've played them. I've played them here my freshman year. It's a fun atmosphere. It's a good team to help us improve when league comes around. They're always a challenge. If we aren't having challenges in the pre-season, we're not setting ourselves up for success in the future."

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