Men's Basketball-Grand Canyon Postgame Quotes

Dec. 7, 2016

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San Diego State head coach Steve Fisher

On the similarity to the Loyola-Chicago game:
"From that regard it was, but I told our team after the game, had we competed this hard in Loyola, I think we would of won the game. So our effort was good. But you have to find a way to make that important play when you have a four-point lead to keep it. When you're down one or down two, to make a play to make a basket. We didn't do it on Saturday -- so that's a similarity -- and we didn't do it tonight down the stretch. You're not going to win if you don't do that against a team that's good, and that's a good team we played."

On the frustration of going cold in the final five minutes of games:
"It's disappointing. We fought so hard not to be able to take a deep breath and not try too hard to make a play. We didn't make the right play. And sometimes the right play is just moving the ball. Move the ball, maybe get it back where you can get a better angle and do something with it. We tried too hard to make that play. It shot us in the foot."

On the last-second turnover by Jeremy Hemsley: "Well I don't know -- obviously I saw it -- but I don't know how he was doubled, where he was doubled, but again, you have to make the right play. Obviously we didn't in that particular moment. We turned it over and that ended any opportunity to either win the game with a three or put it in overtime."

On the defensive focus on DeWayne Russell: "I thought we did pretty good on him. We did okay. He's a good player. He made some hard shots, has a knack with a slight build to get to the free-throw line quite often. They had guys that you look statistically at what they're shooting, and you say make them take that three. But then after Oscar (Frayer) makes a couple, then you have to guard him. And down the stretch when he got back-to-back unguarded threes in the corner, that can't happen. I don't care if it's your man or not. Somebody has to run him off the second three."

On rarity of losing two games in a row:
"We're going to do what every character team does: go back, take a deep breath, say we're going to find a way to win, and go out and get a win at home. We're going to need our fans to help us get that win. Nobody feels sorry for you in this business and you know that. A lot of people are happy when you lose. We've got to take care of one another, take care of ourselves, not feel sorry for ourselves, and come back and say we have to play better."

On dealing with raucous environment at GCU:
"It was good. It was very good. It's what we thought it would be. Involved with the team and supportive and loud. It creates the kind of home court that you want to have. I thought we were okay."

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