SDSU Men's Basketball-San Diego Postgame Quotes

Dec. 15, 2012

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San Diego State Postgame Quotes

San Diego State head coach Steve Fisher

On the game:
"We won the game because we guarded like crazy. We did a great job defensively. In particular, I thought Chase Tapley in the first half did not let Johnny Dee get any clean looks. He's a guy who hurt us last year. He's hurt everybody they've played. He did a great job. Collectively, we had 10 fouls. At least three were offensive charges that when I saw them, they were somewhat suspect. But to guard for lengthy periods at a stretch and have only 10 fouls is how we won the game. Offensively, we do a nice job. We're much better with what we call our early offense. Pushing the ball, giving it to our first open man and playing off of the flow of our early looks. When we do that, we're hard to guard. It was a nice win against a San Diego team that's playing very good basketball. I think they're going to have a very good season as they continue to move forward."

On the emotion of "City Championship" game:
"I told our players that you have to come out with the energy, emotion and the fight that you know they are going to have. It's always there. I think at times when you don't win the year before, you have a little extra edge about you as you prepare to play. Any competitor, and they have a lot of good competitors, they don't like to hear people say that you haven't won in such and such of time. So we knew it was going to be that way and we talked about it. We said that you have to come out with the same emotion and energy and then some as the Toreros. I thought we did."

On the second half defense:
"We need to work on everything, but we were significantly better (in the second half compared to other games). We did a much better job out of the gate defensively. We had some plays where we let them run out on us. We were much better in the second half as we have been of late."

San Diego State senior guard Chase Tapley

On the USD city rivalry:
"I like to call it a rivalry. Everyone calls it the `City Championship.' We knew we were going to get their best game. The last three years they've been a tough game. My freshman year we went to overtime; sophomore year, they were handling us in the first half; and then last year, they were beating us up in the first half of the game. It's always a tough competition, USD, we just love this rivalry and love the competition."

On the second half transition defense:
"We had to get back on defense. They got both of their baskets - one off of a made transition basket and one off a miss. It's the beginning of the year and it's something we struggled on - getting back in transition. Coach (Fisher) didn't like what he was seeing so he called timeouts and reassured us about the past so we just had to correct it."

On guarding USD's Johnny Dee:
"It was a team collective effort. They helped me, letting me get through the screens and dropping down. I wanted to stay on his hip the whole time. He's a good player, a great shooter. I just tried to stay on top of him and really pressure him on the sidelines and not let him get an easy shot."

San Diego State senior forward DeShawn Stephens

On his career's progression since last year's USD game: "I like to think I'm getting better. I don't really like to talk about myself or boost myself up or anything but I've been working so I think it's starting to show a little bit. I just keep working and trying to get better every day. I don't think I'm the greatest yet so there's no time to stop."

On the eight-day break: "We just kept doing the same thing - practicing. We got a couple days off so that helped our bodies heal and recuperate. Other than that, we still go to practice and lift and do the stuff that we normally do. It feels good when you take a couple days off; your body gets a chance to rejuvenate and it feels a lot better than before when you are playing multiple games and getting beat up."

On the last USD game: "It was in the past so I don't really like to look back on old games unless there's something I need to learn from. I did look at the game film from last year to see what we didn't do and what we need to do. Other than that, it was good, I enjoyed it."

San Diego Postgame Quotes

San Diego head coach Bill Grier

Opening statement on the loss:
"The first 10 minutes, I thought we were good and in control, but they ratcheted up their defense and we went about three or four trips where we couldn't score, and from that point on we were frustrated. I think we really tried to force the issue. We tried to force plays that led to turnovers, and I think one of the reasons they are so good is they can turn a turnover or a long rebound into instant offense. They force you to rush shots because of their length."

On lack of bench production:
"Our scoring just wasn't there, but that's (SDSU). They're long, they guard, they switch things. They just make it really hard to score."

On what effect SDSU's length had on the game:
"Their length is going to bother a lot of people. I thought (Chase) Tapley did a really good job not giving Johnny (Dee) any space. They handled our ball-screen stuff. It's hard for Chris (Anderson) to really get the (ball), then he gets in the paint and at his size, he's trying to finish against guys who are really long and really athletic."

San Diego senior forward Ken Rancifer

Thoughts on the loss:
"We have a bunch of young guys. It's good experience for them, but turnovers killed us."

What changed after the first 10 minutes of the game:
"I feel like nothing changed, we stopped competing a little bit. I got the same looks, I just wasn't following through on my shot."

What makes SDSU so tough:
"The just compete on every possession. They're going to contest shots, but we just have to cope with it better."

On slowing down Jamaal Franklin:
"It was him. We just played regular defense and stuck to the scouting report. We didn't do anything special."

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