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No. 24/23 #AztecMBB-Southern Utah Postgame Quotes

Dec. 18, 2013

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San Diego State Head Coach Steve Fisher

On the game:
"We got off to the kind of start that I hoped that we would. It started with the very first play when Josh Davis made a great bounce pass to Skylar Spencer who scored it and got fouled. JJ O'Brien gets the rebound off a missed free throw and we're up four to nothing before they touched the ball. I think the early start allowed us to dictate the pace and flow of the game. With the exception of our free throw shooting, I thought we played pretty effectively. We played hard and we did not give Southern Utah too many good, clean, easy looks. We played JJ (O'Brien) only in the first half and that was after we got the big lead. That was my decision. It was good to get everybody in, good to get the victory and the way we got the victory. We're 8-1 and ready to move forward."

On if he starts to sympathize for opposing teams during a lopsided game:
"I told coach Justin Hutson towards the end of the first half, "Do what you want in the first half. We're not going to come up and full-court them in the second half." But you want to play and they don't want you to not try hard obviously. The only thing we did in the second half is we said we're going to pick them up at half-court and work hard on our half-court defense. They are better than that. Even though their record is not very good, they've had some games where they've had some good stretches and played people closer. It's a game where you can get down in a hole and not be able to be able to dig out of it. Nobody feels sorry for anybody in this business, but you don't want any coach to be in the position where they're being pressed and trapped for 40 minutes with a huge lead."

On holding Southern Utah down to few points in the first half:
"They had 11 points at halftime and they had five free throws. It was pretty good. Skylar (Spencer) fouled a three-point shooter. I think he got three of them in that one possession. We're a good defensive team and when they got angles and some drives, Skylar (Spencer), Josh (Davis) and our big guys were there to make the easy shots more difficult. That's how we played and that's what we want to do. We you don't give them a lot of second-chance points and when you don't get a lot of wide-open looks, sometimes it can be hard to score."

On Winston Shepard:
"Winston did not suit up. You have a responsibility as a player to make sure you're representing yourself, the team and the university in a fashion that's fitting. As a result of some things Winston did I chose not to play him. He will be in uniform on Saturday and, in all probability, will play on Saturday."

On Aqeel Quinn:
"Aqeel is a very good player. He's had some games where he hasn't played and I've talked to him about it privately and with the team that he deserves to play. There were a couple games where he didn't play. Maintain the disposition you have and your turn will come. What he did today I've seen in practice a lot. As I said before, when you perform it gives the coach confidence as well as the player confidence that you will continue to do that and he performed. He can play multiple spots and he plays intelligently. He can make an open shot. He did a nice job for sure."

Senior Guard Xavier Thames

On how players keep their focus when the team has a large lead:
"We just want to keep making stops on defense. We weren't really worried about offense in this game. We were just mainly focused on defense, making stops and trying to hold them under 10 points in the first half. I think they got 11. That's what our main focus was. Just getting stops each and every possession."

On if it was the team's goal to keep Southern Utah under 10 points at halftime:
"No, we just said that during one of the time-outs. I think they had four or five points with five or so minutes left to do that. Coach (Fisher) had asked us to do that."

Senior Forward Josh Davis

On if the team felt like they needed to make a statement playing against a young and inexperienced team:
"I feel like we have to approach every game the same. We want to go out there and play as hard as we can. That's the only way to get better. We don't take any team lightly. We play every game the same exact way."

On if the players were worried the team would be rusty after not playing a game in 10 days:
"We went hard every day in practice. Coach (Fisher) made that an emphasis. We just continued to work hard. We worked as hard as we could every practice. We were ready."

Junior Guard Aqeel Quinn

On if it was nice to get extended playing time:
"Definitely. When I was sitting out, all of the guys were telling me to be patient and just keep working on my game. When the opportunity comes you have to be ready. That's the same thing Coach Fisher and all the other coaches told me. When it came I was ready. I was excited."

Southern Utah Head Coach Nick Robinson

On the game:
"I thought we fought a little bit more in the second half, but it was a great opportunity to play against a good, ranked San Diego State team. We didn't step up to the challenge, but we'll get back, watch the film and try to improve as we prepare for our next game."

On what he expected coming into a game against a ranked opponent:
"For us, we expect to execute offensively, play solid defense and our biggest emphasis coming into the game was to take care of the basketball and we couldn't do that. San Diego State was able to take advantage of the opportunities and create a pretty big lead on us."

On their tough schedule this season:
"I believe in playing good teams in non-conference to prepare us for conference. Our schedule has been tough, but we have resilient players and a (coaching) staff that wants to take that challenge, and tonight wasn't our night."

On San Diego State's defense:
"I think they pose different problems than some of the other teams (we've faced). Coach (Steve) Fisher has done a fantastic job pressuring in the fullcourt as well as taking you out of your offense in the halfcourt. The length and athleticism of this team was able to cause turnovers and take us out of what we wanted to do."

On if they expected to get full-court pressure from SDSU:
"Yes. I think they've done it in every game this year outside of maybe one. So we expected it, we practiced and worked on it, and we weren't effective."

On playing at Viejas Arena:
"It was a great environment. It's obviously a great fan base, and they're a ranked team. It's a great environment."