#AztecMBB Press Conference Quotes

Senior James Rahon, sophomore J.J. O'Brien and coach Steve Fisher addressed the media on Monday.

Feb. 11, 2013



San Diego State head coach Steve Fisher

Opening statement:
"We spoke last week prior to the Boise State and Fresno State games, that if you expect to have the games that your fans say are the big games, you have to win the games we know will be every bit as significant and probably every bit as hard, to get there. And we found a way to do that against Boise State and Fresno State in two different fashions. And now we venture to Colorado State on Wednesday and UNLV on Saturday, two teams that are very good. And I would venture to say no team in America could have a tougher two-game road swing than we're about to embark on. That's the challenge. Against Colorado State, we had an overtime win here that was right down to the wire. They have the third-longest winning streak in the country. They beat us up badly at their place last season. And they are deserving of finally getting themselves ranked in both the AP and the Coaches' Poll. So we know the challenge ahead of us. We think we're playing pretty good and we're ready for that. James Rahon, if you watch, he's as good a defender as we've got and as there is in this league. And J.J. O'Brien, is `Mr. Do-it-all.' He does a little bit of everything and does it very, very effectively. He's quietly become maybe our best offensive rebounder. He finds ways to get his hands on balls. He will be up to the challenge against Colorado State, which is probably the best offensive rebounding team in the country. So we know it will be a challenge, but we're ready for it."

On if he thought the team would be in this position after a rough stretch in conference play:
"If you only worry about yourself, then you've got a chance. If you get caught up watching New Mexico vs. UNLV on Saturday after our game, and cheering for one team or another, you're missing the boat because you don't know what it's going to mean in two weeks. Last year, New Mexico had a two-game lead (in conference) with four games to go, and we tied them. You just have to play and play well, and worry about finding a way to win a game. And that's our task going to Colorado State. We know it's going to be hard."

On the team's streaky 3-point shooting lately:
"I'm going to have to agree we've been streaky. We've had 13 threes in a game and we've been 2-for-19 in a game. I can usually tell who's shooting well from watching them in practice, and most of the time it will translate. We have not had some of our best 3-point shooters able to shoot in a couple games (due to injury). That being said, you have to make some shots. You have to make some threes. Hopefully we can do that on Wednesday. The key in my opinion is don't force your first one, and be confident when you get a good look that you're going to make it."

On Xavier Thames' status for Wednesday's game:
"We're hopeful that (Thames) will be able to play a little bit more. He appears to be OK after having played (on Saturday)."

On not being ranked in the AP Poll and ranked No. 25 in the Coaches' Poll this week:
"We talk about it on occasion - and I vote on the Coaches' Poll - I voted us in and I voted Colorado State in ahead of us. And I voted for (Colorado State) this week not for the first time this season. So if you win enough, eventually you'll get (ranked). And if you look at our RPI, and how people perceive us right now, we're still well-regarded. People have respect for San Diego State basketball. We're not in the AP Poll. We'd like to be, and if we win two games this week, we will be."

Senior guard James Rahon

On what makes it so difficult to win at Colorado State:
"I think it's difficult to win anywhere in this league on the road. But traveling and the elevation definitely has an effect. But we've played there before, so hopefully we adapt well and play like we did on Saturday."

On the growth of Colorado State's program:
"Last time we played there, I think they had a sold-out crowd. We expect nothing less than that for this time around too."

On his good shooting in recent games:
"I think it was just a matter of time. I've been working hard on my shot, so I expect every shot to go in. It's been nice to see them go in the last couple games."

Sophomore forward J.J. O'Brien

On what he thinks of coach Fisher calling him "Mr. Do-it-all":
"It's definitely a good nickname. It's just something I've grown accustomed to, being in different spots on the court. That's just what it is now. I'm glad to be in that position."

On what it would mean to end Colorado State's home winning streak:
"That would be huge. Like coach said, they're ranked now, they're deserving of it. It would be great for our spot in the rankings. It would be great for getting back in first place in conference. It would be a great confidence boost for the team. It would just be a great win."

On not being ranked in the AP Poll and ranked No. 25 in the Coaches' Poll this week:
"We look at it a little bit, and when it's all said and done, it's probably going to be different. But we can't really get caught up in that. We just have to worry about the next game and how we finish up in conference play."

On playing with the wrap on his hand:
"I sprained my thumb before the Boise State game (Feb. 6) pretty bad, but it's nothing that is going to keep me out (of the lineup)."

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