SDSU Football-Oregon State Postgame Quotes

Sept. 21, 2013

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An Interview With:

Quinn Kaehler
King Holder
Colin Lockett
Nick Tenhaeff
COACH Rocky Long

Q. Quinn, on the last couple of interceptions and execution what did you see out there?
Quinn Kaehler: First one was just a screen pass and I just over threw it and then the second one I think it was just a bad decision.

Q. On the first one, Colin was trying to come back to you. Did it happen so quickly you didn't see him coming down?
Quinn Kaehler: No, I just overthrew it.

Q. What do you take from this game? What can you take? Looked like until that point, especially on the defense, you guys had a really solid outing.
King Holder: I mean, personally, I would say on defense, I think we did pretty well. Not well enough to win the game of course, but we are glad as a team that we fought to the very end and that's a good sign as a team that you have warriors who won't give up. That's the only positive I would take from this.

Q. You guys played really, really well the first half disappointing?
Colin Lockett: I mean, just the disappointment of not putting a full game together. You know, we played pretty much the whole game all the way up until, you know, we started falling apart. I mean, that's really the only disappointment. I'm more happy for my guys that they came out and fought. We didn't do that in the past two weeks, our first two games, so I'm just happy we came out, fought, and we really tried to put a whole game together, and we showed a lot of improvement. We still have a chance to go out there and win a whole bunch of football games, and you know, we've just got to go back to the chalkboard and learn from it. It hurts, and just move on as men.

Q. You guys were moving the ball pretty well the first half, you know, moving the chains and getting passes. Can you talk about your first half?
Quinn Kaehler: We just did a good job as a team, making the plays that we had to to move the ball. We had some guys make some really good plays and that's how we can play, if we execute. We still made mistakes, but, you know, we can move the ball and score points as long as we do our jobs.

Q. Obviously you played pretty well but you're disappointed. Can you talk about that?
Quinn Kaehler: I mean, right now, I just want to get back to work and try to get better so this doesn't happen again, so, you know, our teammates don't have to feel this anymore.

Q. Nick, looks like you had much more success today getting to the quarterback.
Nick Tenhaeff: We showed glimpses of what we want to be and what we're capable of. Obviously couldn't put it together at the end to finish it out. But you know, it provided some hope to know we can do it and we've just got to keep working. Hit the film tomorrow and get better.

Q. Do you think the penalty against the quarterback was deserved?
Nick Tenhaeff: I haven't seen it. The officials make those calls. I have no say in that.

Q. What's the level of frustration, 13 point lead - What's your level of frustration between this and Ohio State.
Colin Lockett: We got what it takes to do it. We got the guys, we got the coaches. We got the mentality and the attitude. It's just so close, and really, you see it. Before your eyes, you see it, and then just like that (snapping fingers) it's gone. So I mean, that's I think you'd be frustrated anybody would be frustrated with an outcome such as this. So, I mean, that's just pretty much it.

Q. Quinn, did they do anything different in the second half? Looked like they got to you at one point what were they showing?
Quinn Kaehler: They ran pretty much the same thing that they did in the first half. You know, most of them were just my fault, not getting the ball off, or, you know, making the right pass protection calls and doing that stuff.

COACH LONG: All right. I'll answer any questions you have.

Q. What do you take from this game? I know you're disappointed, but what do you take from how you played, the beginning, all the way to the end?
COACH LONG: I thought our players put in a good effort. I thought they came ready to play and they played hard for the whole game. We made some critical errors near the end of the game and we ended up losing.

Q. Despite the late interceptions, can you talk about the development of (Quinn) Kaehler?
COACH LONG: I thought Quinn had a very good game up until the very end. I thought he threw the ball pretty accurately. Made some good plays that kept drives alive. The first drive of the game was an excellent drive by everybody, but obviously he has a lot to do. Quarterbacks have a lot to do with whether you can move the ball and score points or not. I thought until the very end, he played pretty well.

Q. What do you tell them? Played well, but what do you say to them?
COACH LONG: You don't say anything to them right now. You watch the film tomorrow and show them the things that he did well and obviously you show them the things that he didn't do well, and you go back to the practice field and try to improve on the things that he can do better.

Q. Of the two picks, were they both on Quinn (Kaehler)?
COACH LONG: The first pick was a wide receiver screen that he overthrew. So I don't know if that's on him or not. He just made a bad throw. The second throw, there was a guy coming open and he threw it where a linebacker got a piece of it and it popped up in the air. I don't think there's ever an interception that is one person's fault. I mean, you've got to give the other team credit. One was a bad throw and the other team, the linebacker got in the passing lane and tipped the ball.

Q. Chase (Price), is he okay?
COACH LONG: I don't know, I saw he had a wrap on his shoulder. I don't know what it is, but he was wrapped up.

Q. Did Derek Largent injure his knee?
COACH LONG: I guess he did, because he was only in there for one play and then came limping off.

Q. What's your level of frustration: 13 point lead, seven minutes to go and didn't get it done; what's your level of frustration?
COACH LONG: It's no different than it was going into the game. We got good kids that work hard and we're not performing well to win a game yet. So it's no different than it was going into the game.

Q. Offensively, did you run the ball better?
COACH LONG: There were some plays where we ran the ball well, but we didn't consistently run the ball well. So that put more pressure on the throwing game, and we already know that we have to be able to efficiently run the ball to be good on offense. It's very obvious. It's obvious to everybody. And we had a couple big runs, and we had some important runs that allowed drives to stay in progress and eventually score points. But we weren't consistently able to run the ball, which puts a lot of pressure on us because we are not a real good passing team.

Q. There are a lot of key penalties on both sides; are you disappointed with the (Jake) Fely (unsportsmanlike conduct) penalty after the turnover?
COACH LONG: I don't I'm not I'm not any more concerned with his penalty than any of the others. It came late in the game so people might put more importance on it, but I won't say anything about officials.

Q. Coming into this you said you weren't really sure what to expect from the team. What is your impression after tonight's game? Do you feel better about what you guys have as a football team?
COACH LONG: I never feel good when you lose, never. I appreciate how hard they played and I appreciate how aggressive they were and how physical they were. I appreciate all that because if you've ever been an athlete, a competitive athlete, that's the first thing. You try as hard as you can and do as well as you can and when it works out, you're happy and when it doesn't work out, you're not.

Q. When you guys are not running the ball as well as you'd like to, is that still on the offensive line or are there a lot of factors?
COACH LONG: I would guess it's Oregon State's defensive line. I can't tell until I watch the film, but I would guess it's their defensive line that played well.

Q. So what's the game plan at the quarterback position going into the week now? Is Quinn (Kaehler) your starter?
COACH LONG: You're asking questions that won't be answered until we watch the film.

Q. Is this a better football team than it was after the first two games?
COACH LONG: I think we made some progress tonight. Any progress we made tonight, won't be worth it if we don't continue to do it next week.

Q. Defensively, there seemed to be a considerable amount of pressure on the quarterback. Do you feel that that was the case, and if so, is it a matter of scheme, effort or both?
COACH LONG: We probably blitzed about 80 percent of the time and put our kids in a lot of man to man coverage situations. And until that last two minute drive, and I know it was with four minutes to go in the game, but that last two minute drive, I thought the pressure helped and the defensive backs did a nice job of covering. We didn't make any plays that could have stopped that drive and we were making plays most of the rest of the night to stop drives. We just didn't get it done on that drive.

Q. A loss is a loss, but is this a lot different than the Ohio State game because of the situation?
COACH LONG: No, they are all the same.


Oregon State head coach Mike Riley
On the interception for the go-ahead touchdown late in the game:
"What made the play is that we took the screen away that (San Diego State) had been killing us with. I think it was a double-screen play, and of course (SDSU quarterback Quinn Kaehler) didn't make a good throw."

On why OSU's defense was much more successful in the second half:
"I thought early on the worst play in the game was the bootleg where (SDSU wide receiver Colin Lockett) caught it and we missed like three or four tackles and he went what looked like a mile for a touchdown. I thought that was a horrible play and kind of set the tone for how our whole team was playing for a long time. It was very sloppy football, but I will say our team never quit. We made the plays. We go down to score a touchdown, we hold (SDSU) defensively, and then we think we're going to make them punt, but (SDSU) throws the interception and we take the lead. Unbelievable."

On the final interception to seal the win:
"There were plenty of big plays both negative and positive for the game, there's no doubt about that. But we made the plays to win. I thought (SDSU) was really ready to play. It was a great preparation job against our offense. We ended up with some decent numbers offensively, but it was hard to come by. I thought (SDSU) had some great plays early on in the game in particular that caught our defense off guard. The throw-back screen to score their first touchdown was a big-time play. I think we got everything out of their team tonight and it was pretty impressive by them."

On quarterback Sean Mannion taking a lot of hits:
"We knew there was going to be a ton of pressure and a lot of different looks (from SDSU's defense), and it's really hard when you've got a lot of new faces on the offensive line and you're not running the ball. The combination of those two things are bad, especially against a team that has as much variety in their blitzes as they do."

On if he thought about trying an onside kick when they pulled within two points late:
"I did, but I thought the best way for us is what we did. I thought we had a pretty good handle on (SDSU) in the second half defensively. It was safe to do what we did. We had three timeouts."

On how tough it was to comeback late on the road and win:
"I knew this was going to be really hard. (SDSU) had a bye week and their backs were against the wall. (SDSU) is a good football program. They have tons of good coaches here like (head coach) Rocky Long and (offensive coordinator) Bob Toledo - veteran coaches who are very good. (SDSU quarterback coach) Brian Sipe is one of my favorite people all around. So they have a veteran staff, they know what they're doing, they had a week off, they've got their backs to the wall. I was really nervous about this.

Junior quarterback Sean Mannion

On Oregon State's inability to establish a running game:
"We were kind of getting some looks from San Diego State that looked like passing looks. Also the nature of the game where we were down in the second half made our situation suited to the passing game. But the difference in the game was the way our offense moved the chains late. I think the run game kind of sealed the deal for us, which was huge."

On their ability to win ugly:
"I think there's good and bad in getting an ugly win. Obviously, we're happy to just to win. That's the objective, no matter what. It shows even when we leave some plays out there that we have enough guys on this team to come together and make a big play late. So while it might be ugly, it shows a lot about the way we stay persistent."

On his thoughts when they were down by nine points late in the game:
"Honestly at that point it becomes more simple. You just have to throw completions. Just find a way to complete some passes."

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