SDSU Football-La.-Lafayette Postgame Quotes

Head coach Rocky Long spoke to the media following SDSU's last-second loss.

Dec. 17, 2011

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San Diego State Head Coach Rocky Long

Opening statement:
"I thought it was an exciting game. I thought we played pretty well on offense, even though we had a couple of scoring opportunities that we didn't take advantage of. It's hard to remember this but the punt return was probably the biggest play of the game. That's the one thing. Both offenses moved the ball well, both threw it and caught it well. Both secondaries played poorly. That's what happened."

On the last penalty that gave Louisiana-Lafayette an additional five yards:
"I didn't hear the explanation. I still think it was a phantom call at the end. I can't believe (the officials) called us for offsides. We didn't have one guy move. I have no idea who they called it on. (The official) came over and said he called it on the end man on the line of scrimmage. Did anyone in this room see anyone move?"

On the game:
"I thought it was a well-fought game. I thought the difference in the game was the punt return (for a touchdown). The offenses moved the ball really well. Both quarterbacks threw it well. We had some receivers on both sides of the ball make some good catches. So the offense played well, but the secondaries on both teams played horribly."

On the Louisiana-Lafayette focusing in on SDSU running back Ronnie Hillman:
"You have to give (Louisiana-Lafayette) credit. They played really good run defense. If you play really good run defense, the only way to move the ball is by throwing it. Ronnie is a good player. If he has a bad day, it's because we're not blocking very well. The guys up front didn't block very well. But you have to give them credit; they played well up front and did a good job against the run."

On what he told the team after the game:
"I told them it's like every other game - the team that makes the most plays wins. We had opportunities and we didn't make as many plays as they did. We missed a field goal, they made a field goal. It could be the punt return (for a touchdown), or it could be the missed field goal or the made field goal, whichever way you want to look at it. Everybody wants to look at offense/defense, guess who won the game? Special teams won the game."

On the punt return for a touchdown by Louisiana-Lafayette being the difference in the game:
"We had a guy who was free and missed a tackle. Our coverage wasn't as solid as it should be on one side. When it looked like we were going to make a tackle, our guys folded inside instead of staying in their lanes and it spread the field."

San Diego State Senior Quarterback Ryan Lindley

On if he thought the touchdown pass to Colin Lockett late in the fourth quarter sealed an Aztec win:
"(There was only) 30 seconds on the clock? You'd like to think so. That's why you play the games to double zero. Like coach (Rocky Long) said, it was a hard fought game and you have to tip your caps to them."

San Diego State Sophomore Wide Receiver Colin Lockett

On if he thought the touchdown pass from Ryan Lindley late in the fourth quarter sealed an Aztec win:
"Not at all. They were making plays all game. If they needed to make any kind of play, they made them. Hats off to them."

San Diego State Senior Linebacker Miles Burris

On the last penalty that gave Louisiana-Lafayette an additional five yards:
"We had a defensive lineman stand, he didn't step or move. He drew movement so they called a penalty on us. I didn't like (the call)."

Louisiana-Lafayette Head Coach Mark Hudspeth

Opening statement:
"That was probably a fitting way to end our season because we've had so many of those types of games this season. We couldn't have scripted it any better. We win on hard work, we win on belief. I can't say enough about these guys. For these guys to come from (ranked) 120 to a 9-4 team and New Orleans Bowl champion says a lot about their character."

On the last penalty that gave Louisiana-Lafayette an additional five yards:
"(SDSU) tried to draw us offsides either with a movement or noise or voice. They called it on them instead of us. To be honest with you, it was long enough to make it if he didn't move it up. This kick will go down in history."

Louisiana-Lafayette Junior Kicker Brett Baer

On if the game-winning kick would have been good from 55 yards:
"I have no idea. I didn't even see it go in. I just took off running. I'm kind of down on myself, because I'm thinking, `Man, the two (missed) extra-points.' My holder, Brady Thomas, said, `We've done it before.' I had confidence in (quarterback) Blaine (Gautier) and the offensive players. I can't be happier for them and our team."

Louisiana-Lafayette Junior Quarterback Blaine Gautier

On the game-winning drive:
"We fight so hard and we always talk about the fourth quarter being our quarter. Words are just hard to find. It's just a great feeling to be able to share this moment, something that's going down in history."

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