SDSU Football Spring Game Quotes

March 26, 2014

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Head Coach Rocky Long

Opening statement:
"If that overtime would have ended in a tie, we would have called it a tie. They were starting to get beat up and tired, and I didn't want to get anybody hurt."

On if he likes overtime considering how many overtime games they played last season:
"It's fun to go to overtime and we're kind of used to overtime anyway. If you count the spring game, I guess we set an NCAA record for number of overtime games in a season."

On what he liked about the game:
"It's a hot-and-cold deal. Most of the scrimmage I thought the defense kind of dominated things. The turnovers on offense are concerning, but when we got late in the game, the offense made some big plays and made it kind of exciting at the end. So both sides had a good day or a bad day, whichever way you want to look at it."

On if the turnovers were good defense or bad offense:
"Well the Red team won the scrimmage because of turnovers. The defense scored twice. On offense, we can't turn the ball over like that. And on defense, you're happy they're causing turnovers. So you never win in the spring game. You're never happy one way or the other, or you're happy both ways. I guess I'm happy both ways tonight."

On the quarterback rotation in overtime:
"(Offensive coordinator Bob) Toledo decided that. They had a rotation going if you noticed, as Chase Favreau is always with the Black team, Brad Odeman was always with the Red team and Nick (Bawden) was going back and forth."

On if he liked how Nick Bawden played:
"Nick did some nice stuff, he also threw an interception in the end zone when they could have scored, and Kalan Montgomery made a great interception in the end zone to keep them from scoring. So it's like everything else: (Bawden) did some nice things, but he did some things that will get you beat too."

On the performance of running backs Marcus Stamps and Chase Price:
"Well up until the end of the scrimmage, they hardly did anything. Now toward the end of the scrimmage, (Stamps) had a real long run that got called back for holding, and both of them ran really well in overtime. But for five-sixths of the scrimmage, they hardly did anything."

On who stood out defensively:
"(Defensive end) Dakota Turner had some nice plays, (linebacker) Fred Melifonwu had some really nice plays. I thought (defensive back) Billy Vaughan, Jr., did some nice stuff, Kalan Montgomery did some nice things. That's just kind of watching like a fan and seeing who made nice plays."

On if playing under the lights in front of a crowd got the team fired up to play:
"I think the best part of spring practice is they came out every day and had some enthusiasm, played with some effort and physicality, and they did that again tonight. We just have to keep causing turnovers on defense and eliminate turnovers on offense."

On what questions they answered in the spring:
"I don't know if I'm comfortable (with the safeties). I think our corners are playing well. I thought we had two experienced corners, but now I think we have four really good corners. I think Chase Price and Marcus Stamps are going to fight it out in the fall to see who is going to be in there with Donnel Pumphrey. I think our starting quarterback is still Quinn Kaehler, and it depends on the day of practice who the backup is. So I don't think we've decided on who the back-up quarterback is. I think you saw some receivers make some really nice catches today - Larry Clark, Jemond Hazely, and we only played Ezell Ruffin the first two series, so he didn't get much of a chance. I think we've got good receivers. After losing three seniors, you'd think you would be nervous about it, but I think our receivers are going to be really good."

On if either Chase Price or Marcus Stamps will become the team's power back this season:
"(Price) isn't little, he's short. He weighs 200 pounds. Marcus Stamps is probably 205 pounds and could be 215. Chase Price, to be honest with you, is hard to find back there. By the time he's hitting the hole, he's strong enough to break through arm tackles."

On the offensive line:
"I think we're still looking for a couple solid guys on the offensive line."

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