SDSU Football News Conference Quotes

Aug. 17, 2017


Coach Rocky Long

Opening statement:
“We’re right in the middle of training camp right now. There are some signs of improvement even though we’ve got a long way to go until we’re worth me saying we are a good football team, because we are not right now. We’ve made some improvement in some positions - our wide receivers have made good improvement, and we have a couple of safeties that are playing well and look like they might be able to play this year. That’s a good sign.”

On losing sleep about the team playing better:
“I don’t know if we’ll come together or not, but I don’t lose any sleep over it because I’ve been (coaching) for a long time. We’ll find out if we get to the point that we are a good football team as soon as we play someone else besides ourselves. You never know (how good you are) until you play somebody else. I’ve been through that enough now where it doesn’t make me lose sleep at night.”

On the chickenpox problem:
“I’m afraid to say because I don’t want to jinx us, but we’ve gone two straight days without any new cases. So far it looks like we’ve got it under control. We’ve still got a few guys who aren’t back to practice yet, but (the athletic training staff) thinks they will be back real soon.

“I think everybody’s pretty safe. Safe seems a little extreme to me. I think everybody did what they should do and what they are require to do. As soon as we found out we had some cases, we isolated them and they got medication. Anybody else that showed any kind of signs showed up and saw a doctor. They were either treated or told they were just fine. We’ve moved on. Like I said, we haven’t had any new cases for two straight days. I’ve been told that there is still a period of 10-to-14 days where it can still pop up, but we’re hoping it’s not going to pop up anymore.

“It’s slowed things down for the kids who aren’t practicing, but the guys who continue to practice are obviously making progress. It’s not going to hurt our football team by any means, but the guys who are fighting for playing time, the guys who don’t get to practice, it’s hurting their efforts to get into the starting lineup or getting into a playing positon. I kind of feel sorry for them.”

On the offensive line:
“We are pretty comfortable that we have two redshirt freshmen that are going to play pretty well. I’m not going to tell you which ones they are until after I watch them on Saturday because that’s going to be our biggest scrimmage and they are going to get a lot of reps. So far they have played pretty well. Antonio Rosales is our most experienced lineman. We know he can play though and (Rosales being out) gives some other guys for a lot more opportunities for some reps. We’ll see how they do Saturday before I can tell you which ones have proved that they can play this year. Probably 10 days before the first game we’ll come out with a pretty legit depth chart.”

On Ryan Agnew having an advantage over Chris Laviano for the backup quarterback position:
“I think that anyone that has been in the program has an advantage against someone that is brand new to your program for whatever reason.”

On playing at the stadium as opposed to the practice fields:
“Aztec Warrior Stadium. If I had any money, I’d be the sponsor and put that on the side of the stadium, but I don’t have that kind of money. Any time our players go down (to the stadium) it adds excitement to the practice. It’s been a long time since I’ve been a player, but most players don’t like to practice but they like to play. And going to the stadium and scrimmaging is just like playing, so they will be there with the right attitude and they’ll be there to have some fun. It’s really a great time to have a scrimmage because it doesn’t matter who wins or loses. You can just play for the fun of the game.”

On the punting situation:
“Our punter (Brandon Heicklen) is doing just fine. Now nobody’s rushed him yet, but we’re going to live scrimmage the kicking game on Saturday too. So we’ll get a good idea of how he is going to do when there is pressure on him.”

On anything he’s looking forward to seeing at the scrimmage:
“Not anything special. I just know that there are some guys that people might be seeing only for a few snaps and some guys who they don’t even know who they are that will be out there for a lot of snaps. Hopefully someone steps up and singles himself out so people wonder who he is.”

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