SDSU Fan Fest Scrimmage Quotes

Aug. 19, 2017

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SDSU head coach Rocky Long
On today's scrimmage: "It was okay. I'll have to watch the film to find out. Obviously, we're not in midseason form by any means. Early in the scrimmage we dropped four or five passes that should have been caught. Late in the scrimmage I don't think we tackled very well."

On the freshmen on offensive line: "They need more reps that anybody else. Some of the veteran guys probably got 25-30 plays. Those offensive linemen probably got 60-70. They just need as many practices as they can get."

On offensive performance: "Three of the touchdowns were against the third-string defense. It's nice when you score touchdowns, but it'd be nice if the ones (first-teamers) were scoring touchdowns."

SDSU redshirt freshman running back Chase Jasmin
On history of successful running backs at SDSU: "It is intimidating, but it's more so exciting to be a part of it. San Diego State is known for its running backs and honestly, it's more of an honor than an intimidation factor. I'm just excited to be here. There's definitely patience involved, but it's not really about me anymore. It's about winning championships and doing whatever you can do for the team."

On the physical stature of SDSU running backs: "SDSU is known for having smaller backs, but our small backs run like big guys and our big guys can run like small guys. We're beasts over at running back and we try do it all. Size has a little bit to do with it, but the coaching staff has us ready to be every-down backs."

SDSU redshirt freshman wide receiver Isiah Macklin
On his leaping touchdown catch: "Yeah, definitely caught that at a high point right there and that was something we were working on in my redshirt year. It felt awesome to catch that and I'm thankful for the opportunity."

On the wide receivers' role in offense: "San Diego State is known for its running backs and we're trying to create more opportunities for our receivers with throwing the ball more. I feel honored that the coaching staff chose me to be here."

On his two-touchdown performance today: "Honestly, it was alright. I think there was a lot of little things that you can go and find on film that went wrong. Those two touchdowns were nothing, I would rather block and get my blocking assignments right. The touchdowns definitely felt good but I want to get my blocking right."

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