SDSU Football Press Conference Quotes - Sept. 17

Sept. 17, 2013


Head coach Rocky Long

Opening statement:
"We've got another chance to play this week and I think the players will be excited about it. We're playing a very good team, Oregon State. They're very talented. They're big, strong and fast - they've got it all, as their preseason ranking attests to. They didn't play good on defense in their first game, but since that time, they're team that has played well in all aspects, especially throwing and catching the football."

On what makes Oregon State wide receiver Brandin Cooks so hard to stop:
"He has all the things great receivers have. He's quick, he's fast, he can change directions and if the ball is close, he catches it. He out-runs people; he's very good running patterns. So he gets open and the quarterback gets him the ball."

On how good it was to have a week off:
"I think it was (good), but it's yet to be seen. I think it was good for our mentality as well as getting back to some fundamental things. But you never know for sure until you actually play a game."

On if Darrell Greene and Terry Poole will start at left guard and left tackle:
"They will be the starters on Saturday."

On the status of running back Adam Muema:
"I think he's fine. He practiced Sunday and carried the ball about 40 times during scout periods without any noticeable limp or anything reoccurring. He had another day off (Monday), so we'll see how he is (Tuesday). I'd say he's fine."

On if linebacker Derek Largent will play on Saturday:
"I don't know yet, but I hope so. Sunday, he looked pretty stiff and wasn't sure of his knee. Hopefully today he'll look a lot better and he can play (Saturday)."

On his expectations of Saturday's game:
"This is going to sound very vague, but it is vague: I don't have any idea of what to expect. I still believe in our players, I still think we have enough talent to be a decent and competitive team. We have yet to prove that to anybody. I think we're hoping something good happens early in the game so we can regain our confidence and play to our athletic ability. Now, if that's good enough to stay with Oregon State is yet to be seen."

On if it's reasonable to expect better quarterback play this weekend:
"I think it will be. I think a lot of play will be improved in a lot of positions. But you don't ever know until you actually play a game. I thought we were going to look a lot better the first week (against Eastern Illinois) than we did too."

On if anything has happened in practice recently that gives him hope:
"I think our team is practicing with a purpose and trying to get better. They know it's still early in the season and there are still a lot of games yet to be played. Sometimes when you practice well it shows up on gameday, and sometimes it doesn't. I think they want to try and they want to be good. But you won't know until you actually play the game."

On how they can shut down Oregon State's quarterback-wide receiver duo:
"I think the days of shutting down good quarterbacks and good wide receivers is long gone. All you have to do is watch any pro or college football game. When they have a good quarterback that throws the ball well, nobody is slowing anybody down. So shutting people down is no longer, unless the quarterback isn't very good and they don't have receivers. I don't think anybody is shutting anybody down if you want the answer."

On why defenses can't shut down offenses anymore:
"I think this is the biggest revolution in football since the wishbone (offense) in the early 1960s. I think offenses have spread defenses from sideline to sideline, and they're able to get the ball to good athletes in the open field so there's a lot of one-on-one tackles. With the addition of the zone-read, you're not getting the same pass rush because the defensive linemen can't run up the field because that will open up huge seams in the running game. And then the new rules favor the passing game ridiculously. If you touch a receiver, it's pass interference. If the quarterback gets pushed on the ground, it's roughing the passer. Now, the people that have designed this offense have done some wonderful things that make it almost impossible to stop unless you have guys that can play straight man-to-man coverage, or a four-man rush that completely dominates the line of scrimmage."

On if the emphasis on offense makes football a better game:
"I think it makes it more enjoyable for the fans, but I'm old school. I like to see the intimidation factor, and they've eliminated that. I don't think tackling is any worse than it ever was. The difference is you used to tackle in a small area. Now the tackles are in the open field, and if you miss, there's nobody else there."

On if they're going to rely on the running game to take pressure off the quarterback this week:
"I think as a team, we'd love to rely on the running game. But we haven't done it very well and we've gotten behind. Plus Adam Muema has been hurt. But we'd love to rely on the running game and it obviously helps quarterbacks."

On the fans being asked to wear all black against Oregon State:
"I think it will be a motivational thing for the players if they see stuff like that and it actually happens. When you watch games on T.V., I think it adds to the pageantry and excitement of the game."

Senior wide receiver Colin Lockett

On his chemistry with quarterback Quinn Kaehler:
"Chemistry has been built prior to him getting more reps at practice but everything is looking solid."

On if Kaehler looks more comfortable:
"Yes, a lot more comfortable. He's asking questions and making sure we know everything and making sure that he's getting our tendencies down. He's looking very comfortable."

On if they stripped some things out of the offense and if it has been put back in:
"I didn't know we stripped anything from the offense. Week in and week out there are some things we're going to do rather than others but I mean everything is a full go."

On how Adam Muema looked at practice on Sunday:
"He looks good. He's getting back to where he's going to be able to make the cuts he was making before. He's improving everyday ... rehabbing and doing all that stuff. He's getting back to where he's supposed to be. I think he looks good, honestly."

Senior warrior Eric Pinkins

On if the players think the bye week was helpful after two straight losses:
"This bye week was definitely helpful for us. We're going into this game very optimistic. We expect to win every game with the preparation that we're doing and we're going to bring a lot more energy into practice this week and hopefully get a `W' on Saturday."

On where the team's confidence and mentality is right now:
"I'd have to say we're gaining (our confidence) back after two losses, but we're going to gain that back by preparing very well and be fundamentally sound on our assignments. If you're fundamentally sound on your assignments then you're going to be confident and go out there and play ball."

Junior defensive lineman Cody Galea

On the challenge of going against Oregon State after the first two games of the season:
"Well, always going up against an offense that puts up big points is daunting, but you have a challenge ahead of you. We just have to execute and play like we normally do and we'll keep the score under control."

On if he can compare Oregon State's offense to any other offense he's seen so far this season:
"Ours. They're just like our offense."

On if it is helpful that Oregon State and San Diego State have similar offenses:
"Yes, you see the same plays, the same sets, but not the same tendencies. It's a different team but everything they do is pretty identical to what we do, so everything they've done we've seen one way or another."

On the importance of winning this next game:
"Every game is important. The most important game on the schedule is the next one you play. You either win or you lose it and it's going to hurt your record or help it. It's as simple as that. If we want to be successful and we want to start winning games, that's what we're going to have to do."

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