Head Coach Rocky Long Quotes

Dec. 3, 2017


Head Coach Rocky Long Bowl Selection Quotes

SDSU Football Head Coach Rocky Long

On today’s men’s basketball team win vs. Bradley:
“I’m excited about how well our basketball team played. I got over here for the whole second half but listened on the radio for the first half. We played great defense in the first half, and it looks like we ran up and down the floor and scored a lot of points so the basketball team is doing well.”

On discovering the team’s bowl location and opponent today:
“Today was okay. It was nice to finally get invited to a bowl game. We learned about who we were playing and where we were going about 15 minutes before it came on the ESPN screen. It’s been a whole week of waiting to find out where we get to go and who we get to play. We’re excited about it. We have several kids on our team from Texas. That makes it fun for them. It’s always an honor to play a military academy team. That’s always an honor so we are excited about that.”

On if he was expecting the team to go to the Armed Forces Bowl before today:
“No. It was out of the blue. Every day, it was a different number of bowls. We actually had eight manuals about the bowl game, and what you did at the bowl game, and the bowl game we’re going to wasn’t one of the eight. We’re guessing on eight and we didn’t guess right. It was one we never thought we’d get.”

On how much input he and the University had on which bowl the team ended up in:
“I had no input, and my opinion is that the school has no input. It’s all handled by the (Mountain West) Conference office, as well as ESPN.”

On his thoughts when just two bowl games remained in play for the Aztecs:
“I don’t know how it works, I just got a call and they said, ‘Hey, you’re going to Dallas and you’re playing Army,’ so I asked which bowl game it was and they told me the Armed Forces Bowl. It’s played at TCU, so that was cool.”

On Army:
“I’ve already watched three films on Army. They lead the nation in rushing, and they average almost seven yards per carry. The last game they played, they had 565 yards rushing, and they lost 52-49.”

On if he thinks playing against Air Force gives them any kind of insight:
“It’s different. It’s an option attack, but it’s different. They’ve had great success and they do a lot of different things. Now, there’s a big game this week—Army-Navy is a big game. Navy will have the answer on how to stop them and we will just copy what Navy does.”

On if he normally watches the Army-Navy game:
“I watch that game with great interest because I used to watch it with my father, who was in the Army for 30 years, so you know which team we rooted for.”

On going to the Armed Forces Bowl being an appropriate reward for a good season:
“Yeah, it’s a good reward. We are disappointed we weren’t in the (Mountain West) championship game and we might have maybe had a little bit more pull on where we would have gone. But whenever you win 10 games in a 12-game season, I think that puts us in the top 20 in every category. I’ve been told in the last three years that we have the third-best winning percentage in all of college football, that’s not bad.”

On if playing a team of Army West Point’s caliber in a bowl game is a disappointment:
“No, not at all. Playing an academy team that is 8-3 and possible to be 9-3 and be the commander in chief trophy winner, that’s a pretty good matchup. That’s one of the better teams we could have played. Our number one criteria was to play the very best team we could play and the chance to play Pac-12 teams evaporated, it’s funny how it works when the Big 10 did not get into the four-team playoff, that trickled down to eliminate all the possibilities of us playing a Pac-12 team. I don’t know how it works – don’t ask me – but that’s just the way it works.”

On not having much pull on a bowl game decision despite being 10-2:
I think it’s like all college sports now. TV runs the show. So, TV looks for a matchup, they couldn’t care less what the records are, they couldn’t care less what the name is, they look for whatever is going to get the best advertising dollars and what’s going to get the biggest audience on TV. I’m OK with it because I have no ability to change it. If they put me in charge, we’d have a 16-team playoff and find out who the real national champion is, but I don’t see them doing that either.”

On having Texas connections in the coaching staff:
“We have a staff that is very excited. We have four of the guys on our staff are Texans. I have to put up with them all year, this is just one more week I have to put up with those Texans.”

On SDSU special teams coordinator Bobby Hauck taking Montana head coach job:
“Yeah, we’re going to miss him. He did a great job for us. But he deserves it and he’ll do a nice job just like he did the last time he was there.”

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