Football Press Conference Quotes - FIP Bowl

Dec. 20, 2013

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Famous Idaho Potato Bowl
SDSU Press Conference
Dec. 20, 2013

Head Coach Rocky Long

Opening statement:
"Obviously we're excited when we were picked to come (to the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl). We had a season that started out slow and then I thought we played really well the rest of the year until the last game. There was some question on whether we were going to go to a bowl or not and we're sure appreciative to the people in Boise picking us to come. We think we deserve to be here. We've had a great time. They've done nothing but friendly and accommodating and made us feel really welcome and we appreciate that. Now we just need to perform on the field to make it a good game."

On playing in the snow:
"I can't speak for these guys because I don't think they've ever played in snow, but I've played in snow and coaches in a lot of snow. Snow doesn't make a darn bit of difference. When you start talking about wind, ice or rain, now we're talking about a whole different thing. Snow makes no difference whatsoever as long as the wind isn't blowing with it or it's blizzard. It will be fun and exciting to play in the snow."

On going for it on fourth down so often:
"My philosophy is that any time you can make it on fourth down you go for it, no matter what the situation is in the game. I'm not a believer in football 101, what is been described as doing it the right way or the proper way or the statistically right way. I'm not built that way. Any time I think our offense can make it on fourth down, we're going to go for it. We went for a lot more fourth downs this year than we would normally go for because our kickers have really struggled. If there's any question about going for it or kicking a field goal, we're going to go for it and we're going to go for it tomorrow."

Senior wide receiver Colin Lockett

On playing in the snow:
"Football is football. You love to play the game. You don't worry about factors such as snow, rain or whatever the case may be. Any time you get to go out there and suit up to play with your boys, your brothers and especially for a 13th game, that shouldn't affect you at all. We're excited to play. A lot of us haven't played in the snow before. We're going to be jazzed about it to go out there and compete."

On junior quarterback Quinn Kaehler:
"(He's) real calm and cool. Real collective guy and intelligent. He's a guy that bases his performance more on actions speak louder than words. He goes out there and does his job and puts us in positions to make plays. We go out there and execute and just follow him."

Senior offensive lineman Bryce Quigley

On junior quarterback Quinn Kaehler:
"When he's in the huddle, he's not a very loud quarterback. He lets you know his presence is there. He's very calm and makes sure everyone stays calm. He makes sure nobody loses their mind if something goes bad so that we can stay together as a unit."

Senior Aztec (safety) Nat Berhe

On the changes he's seen since arriving in 2009:
"When I first got here it was a different level of trust among the guys. Now it's a lot of different with Coach Long. There's a lot of trust that goes on in our program. We rely a lot on the seniors for them to step up and play like seniors. We started 0-3, but we finished strong. We had a little dip against UNLV, but we will do anything we can to come out on top in this game."

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