SDSU-UConn Postgame Quotes

Nov. 20, 2008

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University of Connecticut
UConn vs. San Diego State University
Hartford, Conn. (XL Center)

Head Coach Beth Burns

On the defense
"We have this saying that hard work beats talent when talent won't work hard. So, when you pit great talent against people who weren't working hard, I'm really disappointed. I apologized to Geno after the game, because I expect us to compete. As I prepared for this game watching last year's game I knew our defense was so much better, but it was Christmas. It was a month forward. We were fortunate to win the two games that we did coming in because we haven't guarded well. For the style that we aspire to play, if you have one person not doing what they are supposed to do when everybody else is extended, the result is what you saw tonight. We aren't going to quit on what we do. We've have had some eclectic stuff and we need to get a set line up and rotation and I hope that helps. We've just got to go to work. Its November, we aren't going to throw in the towel yet. "

What do you tell the team about the positives from today?
"Well, we didn't have many. The positives will be how we perform next week. We have four games next week and that's what I told them. We have two days of practice for four games. What we do this weekend will really determine how our season goes because we are two and one and a week from Sunday we're going to have four more games mixed in there against the likes of Iowa State, Hawaii at Hawaii and USD, which is a really big rivalry game for us. So we have to get it straight quick and we'll find out what we're made of. We have two days to fix stuff and we'll do the best we can and play as hard as we can."

Junior Guard Quenese Davis

What did you learn from this game?
"We definitely learned that we need to work on our defense when we get back home. We are going to take this as a learning experience. We just didn't play defense tonight."

How did UConn's 12-0 drive to open the second half affect you?
"We didn't give up. We just tried to keep playing. When they hit just about every shot they put up, it's kind of hard. We tried to fight back but we couldn't get back in it."

Sophomore Center Paris Johnson

On the team's defense
"It is a big lesson. Last year we came in way stronger in our defense. We rotated well; we talked well. Coming to UConn and having their stadium filled and the noise, that's probably what is was, but we have been in places like this. New Mexico has a big arena with a lot of fans. Our defense needs to get picked up. We worked hard on our defense all week. I just couldn't put my finger on what was going on, on the court. We just needed to rotate more and talk more."

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