Pointing The Way: Q & A With Aztec Point Guard Quenese Davis

Jan. 5, 2009

Goaztecs.com got a chance to sit down with Aztecs' starting point guard Quenese Davis this week to talk about the opening of Mountain West Conference play and the team's big win over Texas to round out 2008.

Q: With a 9-3 record, how would you evaluate the team's play so far this season?
A: We've grown a lot since that Connecticut game (in late November). We didn't play well together and people were out of rhythm. Since then, each week we've grown exceptionally.

Q: How have you as a basketball player changed since first coming to campus as a freshman two years ago?
A: Mentally, I make better decisions on the court and don't have as many turnovers as I had the first time I played (as an Aztec) against Nevada. I've cut (my turnovers) down, know who to pass it to, know when to pass it and know when it's time to score.

Q: What area of your game have you improved on the most since last season?
A: I would say my shooting. Every day when I was in the gym (this summer), I was getting up a lot of shots - a lot of 3-pointers. That's the area I think my game has grown the most.

Q: How exciting was the win over Texas?
A: It was really exciting. All our performances in the first half weren't that great. For myself, in the first five minutes, I was tired and couldn't catch my breath trying to play at that (fast of a) pace. It was hard, but in the second half, I came out and settled down and made a couple of big shots. I just kept telling myself, `You have to keep playing hard, because we need this win.' It was a good win.

Q: What do you think this win meant to the program?
A: It just shows how much as a team that we've grown. From the year before I got here and the year that I arrived on campus, I don't think we could have competed at the level that we did.

Q: What do you think the Texas win will mean for the start of conference play?
A: After the win, I think we should go into conference (play) with a lot of confidence. There are a lot of strong teams in our league, but we now know that we can compete with anyone.

Q: For people who don't know, how hard is it to be a college point guard?
A: The key is to learn from both the positives and negatives. You have to continue to practice and get ready for the next game.

Q: Between games, did you get a chance to go home for the holidays?
A: Being with my family for three or four days is always fun. I have eight nieces and nephews and they're always running around my house, so it's a fun place to be.

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