Aztec Women's Basketball Press Conference Quotes

Jan. 11, 2010

SDSU Head Coach Beth Burns
Weekly Press Conference - Viejas Arena

On trying for her 300th career win on Wednesday night:
"I'd like to get it first, before I talk about it. You know, stranger things have happened. It would, however, be fitting that, because so many of them have come in San Diego, that it happens (here) and not on the road. You don't remember times, you remember moments and all the people. The biggest statistic that I'm extremely proud of is that every student who has played for us for four years has played in a conference championship and won it, played in an NCAA tournament and graduated. If I can continue to say that for ever and ever, I'll be pretty happy. There was pressure on last year's class, because they knew they had to either win the league or get in the tournament, because they knew that they were going to graduate."

On what she told SDSU men's coach Steve Fisher on the phone Saturday night and on the relationship between the men's and women's coaching staffs:
"We talk all the time. No one understands what we do other than each other and no one understands what it's like to be a head coach other than (coach Fisher) and I. We're the only non-altitude team in our league, other than TCU and UNLV, so people don't understand how hard the Wyoming, Colorado State and Air Force stretch is for our team. It's different. People say it's mental, but it's not, it's physiological. It is what it is.

"It's two games into (conference play) and when you lose a lead you can either jump off a bridge or jump into it with enthusiasm. As head coaches, we always have to direct that and maybe if we can help each other by giving each other a little bit of a rally (that will only help). (Fisher) is the first one to call me when things are tough the same way. It's tough, but you have to let it go and you have to go to Vegas and beat Vegas, which is all that I said."

On the team's match-up with UNLV:
"(They) have a second-year coach and a first-year recruiting class. Like every team in this league, everyone is diverse. They are like the anti-Wyoming with what they bring. They play 10-deep, they are very athletic, they get up shots quickly and get all over the glass. There is going to be a lot of changes in possession, a lot of tempo (changes), which is what we like to play. We have to be able to play at tempo, but keep our heads and keep our discipline. They pose a lot of problems. They are very skilled on the perimeter, although they are young on the inside. They had a very good "big" that graduated last year, so their attack is a little more perimeter oriented, but they're the same thing (as last year). They press a lot, they change defenses a lot. They really turned New Mexico over a lot on Saturday. Both that game and the BYU game were tied going into the final minute of play, so our team knows that it's going to be a challenge."

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