#AztecWBB Press Conference Quotes

Jan. 30, 2014

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Head coach Stacie Terry

Opening Statement:
"I'm really excited about the opportunity we have this week to go up to Colorado State and improve our Mountain West ranking. Right now, we're a couple games out of first place and Colorado State is in first, so it's going to give us an opportunity to get better and move up in the standings. I'm excited about where we've been over the last five games. We've won four out of the last five. We've done a great job of managing games better, and that's due to Arielle (Bostick), and rebounding better, that has a lot to do with (Cierra) Warren. We're doing better with our turnovers, which is giving us more opportunities to score, and because of that, our scoring has gone up tremendously over the last five games. We're averaging about 75 points, which has allowed us to put some teams away. We're getting better everyday, (the players) are starting to get it. We're practicing hard and giving each other great looks and we're starting to look like a team. I'm excited about our progress. We've still got a long way to go, but I'm excited about where we're headed."

On why the team has been able to turn things around:
"I do think the team is gelling. They're starting to figure things out. It's hard. Being a first-year head coach and me coming in and completely changing our system, what we run offensively and defensively, I think was hard for (the players) in the beginning. But they're really starting to understand what is needed and what I want. I think our chemistry is getting better and we work on that often. I'm a big believer that you perform better not only when you feel good about yourself, but when you're in a good place with your teammates. But early on, we never had a full roster. Our game against USD, (Warren) didn't play, because she was out with a concussion. We've had nagging injuries. So we're in a great place right now as a team, and I think it reflects on the court."

On why Cierra Warren has played so well lately:
"There's always an emphasis on us getting the ball inside-out. You'll hear me say, `I need a post touch,' because I think our guards get better looks when the ball goes inside first. So that's been a focus of ours. And then our guards lately have done a good job of knocking that shot down."

On freshman guard Ariell Bostick:
"She's really done a great job. Our last four wins in conference have really come from here growing up in front of our eyes. We've had great leadership from her. She's understanding how to run a team, run a game, when she needs to look to shoot and when she needs to look to pass. When she's done a great job of leading us on the floor, we've won. She's in a good situation and an interesting situation because she gets to play through some of her mistakes because she is the only point guard this year on the team. But I have enjoyed watching her grow in front of us. She's hard to guard, she's quick as all get out. Early on, some of those passes that she's completing now were turnovers. She's learned now to pick and choose when she can make those amazing passes and when she just needs to reverse the ball. So it's been fun to watch her grow, and she's going to be a great point guard for this program."

On if she's had similar early struggles in other places she's coached:
"It's hard to compare. I definitely see some similarities. It took us a while at UCLA to really get that thing going, and to be honest, there was a time last year at LSU in our Sweet 16 run where we were 13-10 and trying to put our heads together on how we were going to get it done. So it does take time, but once it clicks, it clicks. And there's been times I've seen it on the floor with this team that we really look like one of the best teams in the country. When we're sharing the ball, rebounding and thinking about the best shot or the best play for the team, we're awfully good. We don't have that one kid that's going to get us 20 (points) every night. We're going to have to do it balanced and we're going to need four or five kids in double figures for us to win. Our stats have shown that."

On what they take from the last meeting against Colorado State into Saturday's game:
"(Players) saw on film how Colorado State came in here and outplayed us. Despite the mistakes we made, we still had a chance to win that game. We struggled out of the gate and they just out-worked us. They saw what they need to do and saw what they have to do to go up there and get a win. I think everyone is excited for the challenge."

On the significance of Steve Fisher approaching his 300th win:
"Any win is important, and coach Fisher would tell you that. It's more about the players than it is about the coach, and I think coach Fisher would share that sentiment. Those 300 wins don't come without great players and staff in place to help him get those wins. So it's a great honor, he deserves it, he's an awesome coach, but I think he would also say his players got him that and it's an award to be shared by all that have played under him and have put on a San Diego State jersey."

Senior center Cierra Warren

On why she's been able to play so well lately:
"I feel like the team is gelling much better, and that helps me get the ball and helps me score. I can't just pass myself the ball. It starts with the team and us all gelling together. We've turned the corner and are ready to play. I owe it all to the team. I can't score without them and we can't win games without each other. It's all a team thing."

On what they take from the last meeting against Colorado State into Saturday's game:
"We've all grown. We've learned how to guard better, where we're supposed to be, who we're supposed to guard. Zone (defense) is something new for all of us, and now I feel like we're all understanding it."

Freshman guard Ariell Bostick

On what they take from the last meeting against Colorado State into Saturday's game:
"We're going to make mistakes up and down the court, but now we know we need to fix it. At the beginning of the season, we were kind of fresh to the new zone (defense) and trying to understand what's going on. I think now that we know more about it and how we can play out of it, we can figure it out. We can adjust right away. We've come a long way. We still have time to grow and we still have games to play."

On how knowing the coaches and teammates are behind her has helped her confidence:
"It's definitely allowed me to grow faster. Before when the season first started coach said, `You can't be a freshman anymore.' Coming into a program like this, I have a lot of support from the staff, the school and from my teammates. I have to grow up fast. I make mistakes, everybody does, but I have to grow from them and push on. I can't make a (bad) pass and then come back and not play defense. For me, my defense helps me with my offense. My teammates help me no matter what through mistakes. They pick me up. With them, I have so much support and it keeps me uplifted and I really thank them."

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