#AztecWBB Press Conference Quotes

Sophomore guard Ahjalee Harvey and the Aztecs play host to Air Force on Saturday at 2 p.m. at Viejas Arena.

Jan. 31, 2013


San Diego State head coach Beth Burns

Opening statement:
"I'm really excited about our team and how we played this past weekend (at New Mexico). In our league, Wyoming, Fresno State and New Mexico have a commitment to women's basketball like no other. We had 8,000 people there on Saturday night. If you've never seen it, they all had glow sticks, so that was pretty cool introducing them with 8,000 glow sticks. And our job was to make all of those glow sticks go away. Our team really embraces that environment, and we spoke about the importance of going into the game with a little swagger. You've got to go in there as defending conference champs and keep those people quiet. We certainly got off to a great start, and dominated the game from beginning to end. And I thought we took another step as a team to doing the things we need to do to be champions. So I'm really proud of that. We obviously had every coach's favorite day yesterday, which is a bye. It's the only day we know we're going to win. We took advantage of that, giving the players a couple extra days of rest. Now we're gearing up for a big contest on Saturday. For anyone that hasn't been to a game yet, it's National Girls and Women in Sports Day, which a really cool and fun day here. It starts at 12:30 p.m. on the (Viejas Arena) concourse. Every one of our 12 women's sports will be represented both with their coaches and their athletes. It would be incredible if we could get a bunch of people out there Saturday afternoon."

On what is it about Men's player J.J. O'Brien you appreciate, and who is the "O'Brien" on the women's team:
"On the women's team, it's (Gabrielle) Clark. It's the one you might be the only one that notices them, but without them, you can't do what you do. She's selfless to a fault and covers for everyone and everything. You can't have five players each getting 20 shots. Everybody has to do their part to make it work. I think those two are really similar both in their style of play, and in the locker room. (Clark) is by far, respected by all. She carries a big stick without saying a word."

On if she notices the team hitting a wall at this point of the season:
"No, I think what we do, is what we do. You motivate by saying, `This is what we must do to win.' And when you're fortunate enough to be successful with that, then you reward in kind. You've got to throw bones along the way. If you have a mature team that takes care of their business, then you can really do it right. It's a grind for everybody, and the teams that have the maturity to understand that are the teams that are successful."

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