#AztecWBB Press Conference Quotes

Feb. 7, 2014

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Head coach Stacie Terry

Opening Statement:
"We're excited to get back on the road and get another chance to play another quality opponent. Nevada has done a great job this year and there's been much improvement from their players. It's basically the same team from the past, but they've drastically improved and are having a really good season. They're ahead of us in the standings, so we're really gunning for them. We only get to play them once this year and we get to go there. We're just excited to head up there for a great game. We have something to prove about our road performance. We were very disappointed about our Colorado State performance, so we're excited to have another shot at it."

On when the team stopped being satisfied with moral victories:
"Now (laughs). We talk about that all the time, getting better every game. I thought we took a couple steps back after Colorado State, and we talked to the team about that. They knew, but it's a team still trying to find their way. I could use the inexperience line, but we've played too many games now. They know what's expected of them, they know what they need to do to win. We proved that obviously and did a great job of defending our home court. So we need to do a better job going on the road and finding the focus to win going up to Nevada."

On what she's looking for in her team:
"We watch the first tape, break it apart and see what we did wrong. Colorado State was the first time we've played somebody for the second time (this season) and we allowed them to do things that were not in our game plan. We gave up entirely too many threes and didn't do a great job in transition, a couple things that have been haunting us along the way. We study a lot of film, try to correct the mistakes that we made and go out, play hard and compete. When we do that, we've got a shot to win every single time we step on the floor."

On if the success of the men's team rubs off on them:
"I think it does affect us in the fact that we're getting national attention, which is always great for San Diego State in all of our sports. That's great for our program. But we're focused on improving on what we need to improve on, and I've got a long ways to go before I get to 300 (wins), so we've got to take it game by game."

On the difference in playing at home compared to on the road:
"We've had some tough games on the road. We played the top of the conference on the road first, so it was a tall task early on for a team still finding its way. But we need to find out what the difference is and why we prepare better at home. I tell them all the time, `It's the same court, the distance is all the same, the baskets are all the same height.' So there shouldn't be much of a disconnect. There are a couple things going against us. You have to travel, and in some places, you have altitude and all that other stuff. But it's basketball, and it's all the same in between the goals. So we've got to find a way to stay focused and go up there and get some wins on the road. We're underachieving, I'm going to be honest with you. I think we're so much better than our record portrays. That being said we still have a shot in getting a (first-round) bye in the (MW) tournament and we're one loss out of second place. So that just shows you the parity in our conference. There are a lot of good teams in our conference and we still have a shot to make a run in these last nine games."

On Nevada:
"This conference, the Mountain West, has some of the best shooters I have ever seen. On the men's side too. Nevada has some very good shooters to go along with a 6-foot-8 center that has really improved. So we have not faced anybody that big and that talented, that's going to be a challenge. Our game plan obviously is to do a better job taking a way the three-ball from our opponents and then making sure we box out. Rebounding and transition defense is going to be key."

Senior guard Danesha Long

On if the success of the men's team rubs off on them:
"It's great to receive the publicity from the men's squad. They're doing very well. It doesn't really affect us because they're their own team and we're focused on what we're trying to accomplish. The most respect to them, but we're here to play Aztec women's basketball. We're trying to get our wins up to where there's are."

On Nevada:
"We really haven't had a chance to look at them too much, but it's going to be hard-fought game. The competition is the same as its always been. We're going to run into someone we've never seen before, a 6-foot-8 girl, so that's going to be kind of a challenge for us. But if we execute our game plan, we have no problem going up there and getting a `W.' We're going to have get the ball inside to our post players, try to knock down some open shots and try to get that victory on the road."

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