#AztecWBB Press Conference Quotes

Senior Malia Nahinu and the Aztecs have two home games this week.

Feb. 11, 2013



San Diego State head coach Beth Burns

Opening statement:
"It's interesting as we talk about the Mountain West, with the addition of Fresno State and Nevada - and down the road, San Jose State - it's really positive for us because it allows our families to come to a lot of games. I kept getting confused at Fresno State, because I kept looking at things and assuming I was in Mountain Time. It was just so nice to be on a trip, in league, in the state of California, have a game as big as it was and have almost all of our families able to get there. We have a lot of Northern California athletes on our team. Fresno State got us round one, and we'll never know if we honed in on really improving because they beat us. Sometimes you just have to get smacked before you figure it out. I'm really pleased with our team. It's the point in the year you really have to manage rest with preparation, because at the end of the day, you either check the box at the left (win) or the box at the right (loss) no matter who you're playing. We're excited about the week ahead, and yet pleased with what our team was able to do last week."

On if Saturday's win over Fresno State was the team's best win of the season:
"Fresno State had a 20-game (home) winning streak, which was third in the nation. The game had a tournament feel. We played well. I don't know if it was our best. The best thing was it was our first game of round two (of conference play). We've now won five games on the road in league. But the adjustments we were able to make on the floor is probably what we're most excited about. I always say, `You run a few plays (during games) in round one, but you do nothing but make plays in round two.' To play at that high of a level with the familiarity of the two teams was pretty exciting."

On if she'll have to retain her team's attention again after the big win:
"We came back from Christmas and we didn't have the attention to detail we had prior to it. I wasn't pleased with how we played in any of the three games (after Christmas). Fresno State wasn't going to seem as large if we lost to Boise State (before it). Now, we've got to turn our attention to Colorado State, and I believe that we will."

On Play4Kay Week beginning this week:
"This entire period of 10-14 days is focused on heightening awareness on women's cancers - breast cancer specifically. We'll be wearing pink uniforms and pink shoes on Wednesday and Sunday. The first group of people coming to both games will get pink shirts. (Colorado State) and San Diego State are going to be against each other on the court, but we're going to be united as one in contributing funds for Play4Kay, and hopefully heighten some awareness of breast cancer."

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