Getting To Know Christen Myles

Feb. 28, 2007

Christen Myles, the newest addition to the Aztecs' roster, took a few minutes after practice to sit down with Myles talks about her life as a redshirt, her favorite food and her love of poetry. What are your first impressions of the team?:
This team is really enthusiastic. They help you out if you're down. The coaches are always there to help you improve your game. Is it hard to be a redshirt?:
I've been a redshirt before during my sophomore year in high school, so I don't really mind it. I know that I can help the team in practices with my energy on defense or talking them through hard workouts. I enjoy it and the wins are always a plus. Is it hard to sit on the bench during the games and not be able to play?:
I want to play, especially when we're down. I feel like I can do something (to help them out). But I can always cheer them on and I still feel a part of the team. What do you do when you're not playing basketball?:
I like to read and write poetry and go to the poetry lounge downtown. What are your inspirations when writing poetry?:
I mostly write about how I'm doing that day. It's mostly based on my emotions. I'm too shy to read it out loud, but I do have a poetry book. What is your favorite food?:
I'm half Filipino and I really like Filipino food like pansit and adobe. My mom brings it down (to San Diego) on game days, because they only live an hour away.

15 Questions With Christen Myles
Nicknames: C.Myles, Chris, Maddox (LaSandra Dixon came up with it)
Favorite Class: Political science
The reality TV show I would most want to be on is: American Idol
My favorite pre-game meal is: Peanut butter Gatorade bar
I chose my jersey number, because: My favorite travel ball coach gave it to me
The most influential/inspirational person in my life is and why: My big brother. He's intelligent, sincere and ambitious. He's his own person.
When I'm not playing basketball, I: Write poetry
My favorite website is:
The best part about basketball is: You always have another possession to do your best.
My favorite place on campus is: My dorm room
Two words to describe the Aztec coaching staff and why: Real, because they are upfront and direct with everything. Ballers, because they all have a little game in them, especially coach Paye
My earliest basketball memory is: Hitting the game-winning free throw in a NJB game
During the offseason, I focused on improving: My jumpshot, aggressiveness on offense, confidence in my shooting, endurance and boxing out.
If I could play another sport at SDSU, it would be: Rugby
The hardest exercise in the weight room is: The agility ladder

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