Aztec Women's Basketball Press Conference Quotes

March 6, 2008

SDSU Women's Basketball
Press Conference Quotes
Aztec Athletics Center

Head Coach Beth Burns

Opening statement:
"It's a big week for us. On Saturday, it's our Senior Salute in our final conference home game of the season, and we will have four seniors honored. Also with a little bit of help, we would tie for fifth place if we win and TCU beats BYU. That would be our highest Mountain West Conference finish ever, so there are a lot of things still to play for as we gain momentum going into next week and the excitement of the (MWC) tournament. I said from the beginning that this is going to be an exciting tournament. (On Wednesday) a 14-0 Utah team was playing an 0-14 Colorado State and with 50 seconds left, it was a tie game. So I think it's going to be March Madness at its finest."

On securing the program's first .500 season since 1997: "It's big. It's big because you have to crawl before you walk; you have to walk before you run. I`ve been asked if I was surprised, and my answer was that if we hadn't suffered two injuries, I'd tell you I was disappointed. I think we could've even exceeded where we are right now. But with our competitive depth as it is, we're in a position where we can get 16 wins and potentially turn that into 17 and get some kind of postseason opportunity. We have the bulk of our team returning next year, too, so I think our players will be able to build on that momentum after getting a lot of experience and playing so many minutes this season."

On having one eye on the rest of this season and another on next year:
"In the here and now, we have to beat Air Force to do anything or else that would be a disappointment. That's the craziness of what college basketball is, anybody can get hot three days in a row and that can be fantastic... I think for next year, you can't put a price tag on experience. Jené (Morris) could have seen TCU, New Mexico and Wyoming, but until she had the opportunity to compete in those places and see what they're about, she can't learn the things that she needs to know in order to beat those teams... We've had some hard knocks along the way, but we've turned the corner and that's just as important psychologically as it is physically."

On the possibility of securing a WNIT bid:
"If we win Saturday, we would have 16 wins. We have a winning record at home and on the road. We were able to rebound from a couple of four-game losing streaks after suffering two major injuries. So I think there are enough things in place (for our cause). With that said, it depends on what happens at the conference tournaments. The right people have to win. We can't have a lot of low seeds beating high seeds. We can't have a lot of smaller conferences bumping people around, because there are going to be some 25-4 teams that are going to be crushed when they don't get a bid. But I think we have an opportunity, and we have also bid to host. That would be great. I have no idea if it will happen, but it's not out of the realm of possibility. Seventeen wins would help and winning our first game next week would help."

On facing either TCU or Wyoming in the first round of the MWC tournament:
"They are both obviously great teams. I think either one of them could have easily won the league. TCU is a lot deeper, they play 10 people. I think in our team's mind, we've had some success against Wyoming, but we have yet to have it against TCU. In the 2-3 slot, it doesn't really matter. If you're fortunate to get by one, you'll have to face the other the next time. I think we could go into a game against Wyoming with a little more confidence, but we'll take whoever we get."

Sophomore guard Jené Morris

On her first season at San Diego State after transferring from California:
"This program is very family-oriented. I think that was the biggest transition for me and it helped me a lot, especially on and off the court. Our team is very close and we trust our coaches. We want to work hard for them, and we believe we can become great. That's what we're striving for. As a player, I'm trying to become more of a leader and realize that the game is just as much mental as it is physical. I think the biggest challenge for me this year is keeping my confidence up and remaining strong on the court."

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