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SDSU Women's Basketball Press Conference Quotes

Beth Burns spoke to the media about last night's win and the game with Duke.
Beth Burns spoke to the media about last night's win and the game with Duke.

March 24, 2010

San Diego State Women's Basketball Press Conference Quotes
Viejas Arena - NCAA Memphis Regional

Coach Beth Burns

Opening Statement: "Well it's been a pretty incredible couple weeks for our basketball team. It's great to be home even for a day to allow us to take a step back and reunite ourselves with the university side of what we are doing, since we have missed a little bit of class.

"As I stated time and again last evening, we couldn't be prouder of what we were able to accomplish. To be the first when you can never have the second first and we are the first team to ever accomplish the sweet sixteen in the women's basketball program at San Diego State University and for every person in our locker room, both players, coaches, staff, it's a moment that we will cherish and never forget. As we told the assembled Texas media, we didn't go to Texas to just beat Texas at Texas which was one half of our occasion, we went to Texas to Lamar or West Virginia to give us an opportunity to go to Memphis. So I would say the same thing.

"Without question, last night was one of celebration. Two of the things that our team does extremely well is eat and sleep. Those are two strengths that we really don't have to focus and work on and I don't think we have ever gotten up in a plane where the wheels are folded in, we are asleep and in our conference that's really the only way to keep yourselves alive. Nobody ever went to sleep last night. That plane was rolling and that may have to do with the band that was rolling around in our charter as well. The excitement and to see both Jené and (Quenese) both with the net around their neck, that's a night to remember. Today they are downstairs in the locker room asking us about Duke. We are going to Memphis with purpose and it starts with Duke and we can't wait."

On concerns with jet lag:
"I think at this point you worry about what you can control, and I really do think that our league prepares us in a way for this. I could use that as an excuse for having the games we play with the way we have to turn around. We did have the option of going straight there, but I thought that for our team it would be more restful. We left right as soon as the media stuff was done. We left right after the game to go home, go to school, rest, and get a little rhythm. We are going to do a little morning practice here and then jump on a charter tomorrow afternoon. I think it will be ok. It has to be ok."

On mentality of the team:
"Well it's, as you can well imagine, good as we have won a bunch in a row. We really, I think, changed as a team over this stretch. Our TCU game here was a really big game. We had lost three games in a row, and talk about having a half too, playing at the time, the No. 22 ranked team in the country. But really our road game at Colorado State where we had played a really good game at BYU and then won here and then went on the road and it was kind of in the middle of that game where we were on the road, it wasn't getting very exciting, and we weren't playing great, where we just decided as a team that we were going to do what we were capable of doing. All of a sudden Colorado State became irrelevant and our emotional passion to play took over and we just rolled the last 10 minutes of that game.

"Since that point we have never looked back. We have started every game very well. We have been able to, as I like to tell our team, get comfortable being uncomfortable. Which is what champions do. We had struggled with that. Being a champion isn't easy. When we hit hard points, we hadn't responded as a group collectively and we have been able to , since that point. Obviously you can see in the two games that we just played with the stakes at his highest, when people were giving us body blows, we were able to handle runs and move forward. Our confidence level is high. Our team is experienced. I think those two things are what really helps us."

On the fan support throughout the tournament:
"Our fans helped us win that game last night. Our fans were behind us and behind our bench and I don't even know how many of them were there, maybe 30. But it made a huge, huge difference. I know San Diego State and San Diego was proud and we are proud to represent both our school and the Mountain West."

SDSU Player Quotes - Quenese Davis, Jené Morris and Paris Johnson

On how classes were and what the reactions were from teachers and classmates:
JOHNSON: "I had to two. Teachers were just congratulating us. It was overwhelming to walk into class and have them congratulate us. It was a good experience."

On how fans are treating them:
JOHNSON: "They are loving us right now. You walk on campus and they are just excited for us just as much as we are excited for ourselves. Everyone around San Diego, if they know us; it's just an amazing atmosphere. I love it and I am sure my team loves it. It is just overwhelming."

MORRIS: "After the game, I know my phone froze from all the messages from facebook and twitter and emails. It was pretty exciting."

On if they have enough confidence to keep the momentum going:
MORRIS: "Definitely, we are the lowest seed in the sweet sixteen and I think the pressure is on everyone else. At this point there is no pressure on us. We can just go there and play our hardest and give it all we got. So I think there is no ceiling for us. The sky is the limit."

On why Coach Burns has had so much success:
DAVIS: "I say she has so much success because of the coaching staff that she has brought in over the years and the players have pretty much grown up playing each other and known each for a number of years. Like she said, I have been playing with my sister since we have been playing basketball. She has Jené and Jessika and I have been playing with Jessika since sixth grade. We all have great chemistry."

On playing with her sister:
DAVIS: "It's exciting. Most people don't get to play with their sister for as many years as I have. Even at the college level, it is a great experience."

On their confidence after back-to-back games where you close the game well:
JOHNSON: "We know great teams are going to make their runs. That's what we go in focusing on, on the court. I always here Jené say, "They are going to make their run and we are going to come back and make our run. Let's just stay in the game, do what we have to do, and don't worry about what they are going to do. Let's just get stops and let's get scores. That's the thing. Great teams are going to play great teams and they are going to make plays, so that's what we go off of."

On feeling your national attention:
MORRIS: I have been focusing on the game and it's just all about our teammates. I know this is Quenese's last time to play in the NCAA tournament. So every game, we don't want it to be the last time she puts on an Aztec uniform. Luckily the travel schedule has been hectic so we really haven't been able to watch a lot of tv and while the game is being played I am on the court. So we haven't seen any of that. So for me it's been pretty calm."