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Beth Burns Press Conference Quotes

Beth Burns answers questions at Friday's press conference
Beth Burns answers questions at Friday's press conference

April 8, 2005


Quotes from Friday's press conference announcing the hiring of Beth Burns as head women's basketball coach

Mike Bohn's Opening Statement

"We would like to thank everyone for taking time to welcome our new head women's basketball coach. It is really an exciting day for San Diego State. It is important for people to reflect on where we are with our women's basketball program. When you think back and remember that Cox Arena and the Aztec Athletics Center are brand new and among a lot of things that weren't here when coach Beth Burns was here before.


"We forget how lucky we are to have a great college president and central administration that knows, understands and appreciates college athletics, and how they play a significant role in allowing us to recruit a marquee head coach.


"Another part is the players, and I really believe that we have some really great talent here that we are excited about. When we were looking for a coach, we were looking for someone with passion and who wanted to be at San Diego State. We wanted someone who had experience and that we could hand the keys to and would put the peddle to the metal right away. We wanted someone who has demonstrated the ability to win not only on the court but off it as well.


We went through a long process and we understand the commitment of this department to hire someone that will represent the university at the highest level and really build the program with Cox Arena and the things we have. We felt a tremendous responsibility to the team, our boosters, our fan base and our alumni. With that in mind, we recruited Beth Burns from day one. We have a great new team member, so please welcome the new head women's basketball coach Beth Burns."


Beth Burns On Returning To San Diego State

"I appreciate the opportunity and it is an incredible feeling to be standing before you. I can tell you that I am speechless, and for those that know me, that is the highest compliment I can throw out to anyone out here.


"All of this (Athletics Center) is beautiful, but I would like to thank two groups. First my former players, you are the ones that put me over the top, you are the ones that convinced me that this is the place to be. I want to thank you for all of your calls and encouragement to me, telling me to `Do it!, Do it!'. Well I `Did it'. Now we have a whole new group of Aztecs, you are young, wild eyed and in a whole new situation that you don't have a lot of control over. Let me tell you that good things will happen next. I would like to thank everyone and I am excited to be here. This is the first day of something I hope will be very special."


On Any Changes Since She Last Coached The Aztecs

"I tell you that I am so much smarter now. I have been really fortunate to work with and around some wonderful people, and I had a lot of different coaching experiences. I used my last three-year odyssey to have just one long coaching clinic with some of the best minds in the game. I really feel what I was missing in my life was a team. I needed a team and Mike Bohn allowed me to be a part of this team and I am excited to get out there with these guys tomorrow. We are going to play 95 feet and try to pressure a little bit and we are going to get ready to roll."


On Other Opportunities

"I was approached by other schools, but I am older and wiser. You learn that coaching is a fit. Coaches have to be fueled by passion. You are the job, it is you. A fit is very, very important and this job fits Beth Burns. Just as I was saying to my student-athletes, `If you are happy inside, then everything else will work.'"


On Recruiting To SDSU 

"This is a new SDSU. We have a big-time arena and this is a big-time place and we expect to recruit accordingly."


On Her First Visit To Cox Arena

"The last time I was there it was a concrete arena with no seats. It looks a lot nicer with the seats now. And it is amazing. I already kind of feel connected to it, even though I haven't sweat there yet."


On Meeting Her New Players

"The first thing to do is to listen. They chose to come to a great place and it is still that great place. I want to sit down with them and listen. Before you can help someone reach their goals and dreams, you need to know what they are."