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The Spin Zone With Aztec Basketball's Kim Spinardi

Kim Spinardi is a freshman guard on this year's Aztec women's basketball squad.
Kim Spinardi is a freshman guard on this year's Aztec women's basketball squad.

Kim Spinardi is a freshman guard on the 2006-07 Aztec women's basketball squad. Spinardi, a native of Merced, Calif., signed a national letter of intent with SDSU in mid-April and enrolled in the second session of summer school in early July. Each week she will provide a glimpse inside her new life at San Diego State, writing about everything from school to basketball to her new teammates.

July 20, 2006

Hey all Aztec fans!

I am new to the Aztec team this year so the first order of business is to introduce myself!

My name is Kim (Kimberly) Spinardi. My teammates call me "Spin" and my coaches call me "Spinner". I am from Merced, Calif. I am sure most of you haven't heard of where that is so I'll elaborate a little bit on that. It is located in the San Joaquin Valley and is a fairly small town. We are within two hours of everything and the weather during the summer is HOT!! So, needless to say I am grateful for the San Diego climate!! I know most of the San Diegans think the high 80's is hot. Well, where I'm from it is in the 100s, so I'm not complaining!! My parent's names are Karen and Ed Spinardi and I have one younger brother named Jeff, who is a sophomore baseball player at my old high school, Golden Valley. My family has always been there to support me and without them I wouldn't be where I am today.

We are just finishing up our first week of college. This last weekend the new incoming players all got together, Quenese Davis, Jennifer Layton (J-lay), Allison Duffy, Lauren Hoisington, and Jennifer Rogers. It was great to finally meet everyone even though I had met Quenese ('Q') and J-lay before. We all got along right away and ever since we just keep getting more familiar with each other. It's always great to form a bond with your new teammates right away.

I am taking two summer school classes, Econ 101 and Women's Studies. I would have to say that after having gone through "senioritis" in my senior year of high school, college schoolwork is definitely a hard transition. But that is what is good about taking summer school our first year, so we can get used to the transition right away in order for it to go smoothly the rest of the way. College and high school are very different as far as the classes go. College is taught via lectures, but I find ways to entertain myself in between everything.

We had our first workouts of the summer this week. Division I athletics is definitely a huge step-up from the high school level. The hard work in the offseason is what will define the success of the team during season. I have to admit we all definitely were sore but I look at it as a good thing - showing our hard work and that the workouts had a strong effect.

During the week we have been pretty busy with school and workouts and all. We did manage to make it out to La Jolla Shores as Allison Duffy had her family and some friends out there for her 18th birthday on July 12. We all ate and hung out together. Somehow a cake fight began and a few of us got Allison in the face with cake. LaSandra (Dixon) and Tamika (Lipford) got it right back in their face. It was a great scene to see. Q and I, being the only smart ones, stayed out of it. The car ride home wasn't too pleasant with all the sticky cake bodies, but in the end we all had a ton of fun and definitely plenty of laughs. In the meantime I beat Tamika at ping-pong, shut her out three games to zero. I hear coach (Kate) Paye is good, so I'll have to challenge her. Coach J (Jimenez) has already asked me if I'm ready for her, so we will see how it all goes down. I'll definitely keep you updated.

Beginning from my freshmen year in high school I always wanted to go to college in San Diego and have the opportunity to play basketball at the highest level. I am so thankful for this opportunity and hope to make the best of it. We have lots of high expectations for this year's team. We know we have lots of potential, but we have to live up to that and show all of the Aztec fans the transition of Aztec basketball into success and a spot in the NCAA tournament.

Overall my first week in San Diego is complete and I can say I have nothing to complain about. It has been an opportunity I have waited for and it has finally come. I am looking forward to the next weeks of summer and can't wait for the coaches to come back and all of us new incoming student-athletes to share the experience of a lifetime!