SDSU Women's Basketball Press Conference Quotes

SDSU women's basketball head coach Beth Burns spoke with the media on Tuesday afternoon.

Nov. 8, 2011



Coach Beth Burns

Opening Statement:

"I couldn't be more excited to finally have an opportunity to play (last night vs. UCSD). I think that with all the unknowns, this really gave us an opportunity to play a quality opponent. UCSD is in the top 10 in Division II and aspires to win a national championship, and I certainly think they have an opportunity to do that. I knew we would be really tested, the game didn't surprise me at all. I think our smalls are a little bit more experienced and it showed. That's pretty much the way we've been in practice to date and it gives us a lot to work with and focus in on before we really have four games in eight days, starting with Arkansas-Pine Bluff next Monday night here. We leave Wednesday for Hawaii and have three games in three days, so it's critical for us to get some stuff on film, hit it hard this afternoon and get better."

On what impressed her about Chelsea Hopkins last night:

"What impressed me was that with Saturday being the first time she has practiced that she did what she was able to do. You have to realize that she was a redshirt (last season), so she missed a year of competition. Then she tore a meniscus in her knee the last week of September, had surgery on the 25th of September and it was supposed to be about a two to three week out (of practice). She had been doing some five-on-O things and some shooting things, but she had Saturday and Sunday as her first (full) days that she started and ended a practice and did everything that we did. You can see why I said she is a catalyst and is critical to so many things that we do. I thought it was important for her to get on the floor because she hasn't played with everybody yet. She has a speed game and you have to be able to play off of speed. She thinks was slow (last night) and she kept apologizing as she was coming out (of the game). I just explained, `Welcome to the way human beings usually feel.' She's just going to get better and better, but (her performance was) really remarkable for only having really two practices. The good news after the game was that she was fine and she will continue to get better with more rest."

On what she hopes to accomplish this week in practice before four straight games:

"We've had officials in five times, which I don't think I've ever done that this early in the season. I finally started watching film from Quenese (Davis), Jene' (Morris) and Paris (Johnson) to figure out how much I have to tell them. You can't know what they don't know. There are only so many things you can address. Twice a week, we will dedicate 60 minutes of practice with officials toward playing games and to being in game situations to try to prepare us for what's in front of us. We've actually scouted forward so in the next four or five days, one day we will have a DePaul flavor, one day we'll have an Arkansas-Pine Bluff flavor, because I think in Hawaii the hardest thing will be no (time to have) floor adjusting from game to game. You play DePaul, eat dinner, wake up and play Hawai'i the next day. Just getting us more on film to show that this is where we are and attacking it one thing at a time. You want to attack everything, but we have 92 things to fix. We will start with what's most important, (which is) getting our young bigs involved in our offense so we can get some balance. (We need to) continue to get better defensively, but I thought we did really well for our first time out."

On if not making any 3-pointers last night is a concern:

"Not at all, because we shot over 55 percent and shot 20 free throws. You just have to take what the defense gives you. With the opportunity to play UCSD, they're going to run, jump and double. There weren't 3's to be had and frankly, I think we shoot too many 3s. That's not the skill set of our team. I think we're better off the bounce. Are we better than 0-for-6? Of course. UCSD didn't give us any looks and I liked our aggressiveness that we took with the ball to the basket. I'll take 55 percent (from the field) and 20 free throws anytime."

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