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Beth Burns Press Conference Quotes

Beth Burns' Aztecs get their season underway Friday against No. 15 UCLA.
Beth Burns' Aztecs get their season underway Friday against No. 15 UCLA.

Nov. 9, 2010

SDSU Women's Basketball Press Conference Quotes
Aztec Athletics Center

Head Coach Beth Burns

Opening Statement:

"This is a big week for many reasons. First and foremost, it's signing week. These next few days, beginning tomorrow at 8 a.m., we're going to have a big win that's going to pay big dividends. My first "w" of the week goes to Coach Jualeah Woods, our recruiting coordinator and assistant coach. We have multiple commitments that we'll be able to announce over the next few days. As your program continues to have success, you really feel it going forward. What we've accomplished the last couple of seasons was reflected in the quality of living rooms we were able to get into, and the quality of student-athlete that we've been able to sign. It's been a busy time, but very exciting."

"(UCLA is) as athletic of a team that we'll see all year long. They have four or five starters back and the majority of their offense and defense. They are the team that beat NC State and eventually lost to Nebraska last year in the NCAA Tournament. They're going to give us a lot of challenges because of their speed and athleticism. It's a great opportunity for us. We're going to be bigger and stronger; they're going to be faster. It'll be a classic matchup and a real tough out of the gate for both of us. It should be a really good game."

On opening against such a quality opponent:
"There are lots of things you just don't know when it comes to scheduling, such as somebody getting hurt. With the youth and inexperience of our smalls, with Coco (Davis) being our only returning perimeter player, you don't want to open up against an athletic, running and jumping team. It's made us really put a pedal to the medal when it comes to counters. UCLA is going to force you to your Plan B from the jump. We will be prepared, nothing will be surprising. In terms of preference, it's certainly had our attention from the spring in the weight room. They knew this was their opener. On a sluggish practice day, you reminded them that they couldn't get away with anything in their opener."?

On this year's commitments:
"We'll always go for best player available. We'll always go after the brightest and the best. Paris Johnson and Jesssika Bradley are graduating, and Kalena (Tutt) and Candace Chambers becoming seniors next year made us focus on the front line. Getting Chelsea Hopkins really early was our No. 1 priority. That made the summer a lot easier because we could look at smalls that could complement what Chelsea is going to do because she's coming in as a junior. Our focus was 3's, 4's and 5's because that's where we were losing the most. But we were also able to narrow and go after great guards because if we didn't get them, we were okay."