Women's Basketball News Conference Quotes

Dec. 5, 2017

SDSU Women's Basketball
Press Conference Quotes
Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2017

Head Coach Stacie Terry

Opening Statement:
“We’re excited to get back home. We’ve had a lot of traveling excursions in November and we’re excited to get a chance to defend our home court the next two games against UC Irvine and Hope International on Friday and Sunday. Excited for our noon tip on Friday because it’s one of our afternoon games that we are trying to promote and get some of these young fans into our arena and hoping to give them a great show. So we’re excited about where we are, 5-2 and looking to still improve in a lot of different areas, but happy with the progress that we’ve made.”

On if it’s a confidence builder to win back-to-back games and get more people to contribute:
“Yeah I think going to Arizona and getting the victory was not only big for our program, but big for our team. I loved the composure we showed throughout the game; we’ve played in quite a few tight ones already this year, so being composed with the lead changes and being able to make stops when we need to – I think they are getting more confident. But still being pretty humble in the sense that we have a few things to improve on. Getting better in practice every day is our goal so we had a good practice yesterday after the win and gave them the day off today. Looking forward to getting back in the gym with them on Wednesday.”

On senior guard McKynzie Fort:
“She’s worked really hard for all the things she’s getting right now. There is no surprise that she’s playing as well as she is, she’s worked for it. She’s determined to have a great senior season and help us win games this year. [I’m] proud of the effort, she’s playing really hard on both sides of the ball and her leadership has improved. I think our record reflects how well she’s playing, she makes us go. Not only her but Lexy Thorderson, Geena Gomez, Khalia Lark, Cheyenne Greenhouse – all of our seniors are really doing a good job leading and leading by example on the floor.”

On Friday's game vs. UC Irvine
“UC Irvine is a really good team. They have a couple of transfers with some Power 5, Division I experience. They have really scrappy guards who are going to get after us and press us a little bit on makes, man-to-man on misses, so it’s going to be a challenge for us. It’s going to test us to see if we can take care of the ball and make great decisions being sped up a little bit. Looking forward to see if we can push the ball and play at a pace that we’ve tried to identify as our identity and they are going to do everything in their power to slow us down. [They have] a lot of experience from the guard spot with kids who can shoot it. They have a really good point guard (Lauren Saiki) who is averaging about [four] assists and can really distribute the ball and get them going. So she’s doing a good job there. It’s going to be a good test for us. We’ll be bigger, but their goal will be to try and disrupt what we’re doing, so it will be a great test to see if we can handle our composure in those moments.”

On what the turning point was for the team:
“I think the Central Michigan game was the defining moment thus far for our season and I say that knowing that we lost the next game. But Central Michigan is a very good team, top 50 RPI team and we saw the potential of what this team could look like in that game. It felt like an NCAA game and emotionally just how upset they were allowed them to refocus and realize how good we could potentially be. Beating USD and winning on the road in Arizona are good confidence builders, but we believed this team was going to be the best team that we’ve had going into the season. A couple games and a couple rebounds and our record could be even better. So they see what they are able to do at times and things we need to improve on. Even in past years, this team is very resilient. We were losing and they came back, and I think all their hard work is paying off right now. Like I said, I couldn’t be happier with our seniors and how they are leading. With the addition of our freshmen and our post players growing up and maturing and doing a great job. Baylee Vanderdoes is doing a great job blocking shots and rebounding and finishing when she can, so we’re growing and getting closer and I think that is the reason why we’re having success.”

On if being in the Bahamas contributed to the losses in the games played there:
“I don’t think so. I think they were ready to play, like I said if you watched our Central Michigan game I was very proud of the effort we played with. We could have won that game and we made some decisions down the stretch and some balls bounced out of bounds out of our way, so a couple things go differently and that’s a different win and who knows what the next game looks like coming off a victory. I don’t think it was anything to do with the outside stuff, they were ready to play, played hard. They joke that we’re 5-0 in the [United] States, undefeated in the States, so it was a great learning experience being able to travel, get up for a game and then turn around and get up for another game because that’s what it is going to be like in the conference tournament. So I think for that, we grew.”

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