Rowing completes first race weekend

March 11, 2017

MARINA DEL REY, CALIF. - The San Diego State rowing team traveled to Ballona Creek on Saturday where it placed third in all four races against UCLA and Stanford.

The Aztecs raced in four of the five scheduled events this morning, beginning with the third varsity eight at 8:15 a.m. where SDSU clocked in at 7.26.0 behind Stanford (6.57.5) and UCLA (7.11.9). Shortly after in the varsity four, Stanford clocked in at 7.34.0, UCLA finished in 7.40.8, and the Aztecs recorded a time of 8.05.7.

In the second varsity eight, Stanford held onto the lead with a 6.42.7 finish, while UCLA raced in 7 minutes even, followed by a 7.11.4 finish by the Aztecs. Though SDSU was in second for most of the first varsity eight, the Aztecs finished third in the final race of the day, logging a 7.51.9 behind Stanford’s 6.27.2 and UCLA’s 6.43.2.

“It was a very useful season opening for us,” head coach Bill Zack said. “The margins behind Stanford and UCLA were reasonable and each crew learned what they need to work on as we get ready for next weekend in Sacramento. We were particularly pleased with the freshmen and walk-ons who did a great job with their first collegiate race. They need to learn to have the ability to stay aggressive through the whole race.”

Following today’s event, the Aztecs will travel to Gold River, Calif., next weekend where they will face Sacramento State on Saturday and Sunday, March 18-19. Both race days are set to begin at 8 a.m.

San Diego State at UCLA
Ballona Creek (Marina Del Rey, Calif.)
March 11, 2017

First Varsity Eight
Hannah Gasser (bow), Gina Bourke (two), Brynn Danvers (three), Phoebe Dammersmith (four), Christa Carrillo (five), Isabelle Paul (six), Sara Avery (seven), Madeline Bernard (stroke), Alyssa Lua (coxswain).

Second Varsity Eight
Hannah Norris (bow), Lauren Allen (two), Brooke Hepner (three), Laurie Tenenbaum (four), Tara Montgomery (five), Emaleigh White (six), Bianca van Dyk (seven), Alana Grollo (stroke), Cassandra Houy (coxswain).

Third Varsity Eight
Kelbi Redquest (bow), Hannah Carney (two), Rebecca Sievers (three), Mikayla Moss (four), Brooke Boron (five), Paige Gugino (six), Oona Albertson (seven), Maia Graham (stroke), Nadirah Jamaludin (coxswain).

Varsity Four
Mycayla Smith (bow), Deborah Worthey (two), Laura Keane (three), Daria Peck (stroke), Rachel Gemperle (coxswain).

Race Results:
8:15 a.m. – Third Varsity Eight
Stanford: 6.57.5
UCLA: 7.11.9
SDSU: 7.26.0

8:30 a.m. – Varsity Four
Stanford: 7.34.0
UCLA: 7.40.8
SDSU: 8.05.7

8:45 a.m. – Second Varsity Eight
Stanford: 6.42.7
UCLA: 7.00.0
SDSU: 7.11.4

9 a.m. – First Varsity Eight
Stanford: 6.27.2
UCLA: 6.43.2
SDSU: 6.51.9

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