SDSU Crew Team Has Successful Day at City Championships

April 17, 2004

SAN DIEGO - The San Diego State women's crew team completed a successful at the San Diego City Championships versus the University of San Diego and UC San Diego on Saturday morning with four first-place finishes and two second-place results, improving on last year's results of two firsts and four seconds.

"Today was a great day for Aztec women's rowing," head coach Jennifer Zebroski said. "The JV boat stepped up its intensity this week (during practice) and it really paid off. They had a strong second 1,000 (meters) of the race, which helped them beat out USD for the first place spot by five seconds. The novice eight had a great race today. They felt controlled and comfortable during their race."

The team now heads to La Balonia Creek in Marina Del Rey, Calif., and the Miller Cup Regatta on April 24, before heading up to Lake Natoma in Sacramento, Calif., and the Western Intercollegiate Rowing Association championships May 1-2.

Varsity Eight
San Diego, 7:08.22
San Diego State, 7:11.5
UC San Diego, 7:37.43

Junior Varsity Eight
San Diego State, 7:24.6
San Diego, 7:29
UC San Diego, 7:53.34

Lightweight Eight
San Diego State, 7:44.67
UC San Diego, 8:19.12

Varsity Four
San Diego, 8:24.93
San Diego State, 8:36.33
UC San Diego, 9:02.09

Novice Eight
San Diego State, 7:24.0
San Diego, 7:30.29
UC San Diego, 7:47.88

Novice Four
San Diego State, 8:43.89
San Diego, 8:53.08
San Diego B, 9:06.1
UC San Diego, 9:10.59

Lineups for San Diego City Championships:

Varsity Eight
Cox Alison Abrams
Stroke Stephanie Snaman
Seven Ashley Paiko
Six Mia Lysen
Five Kristen Olson
Four Brittany McMahon
Three Sarah McKillip
Two Amanda Briggs
Bow Audrey Edney

Junior Varsity Eight
Cox Alicia Chudy
Stroke Rachel Saldivar
Seven Adora Salvati
Six Stephanie Loutas
Five Ashley Pfohl
Four Rachel Young
Three Venesa Meses
Two Amy Opielowski
Bow Korina Tonne

Lightweight Eight
Cox Caitlin Carrion
Stroke Vanessa Kenley
Seven Lynda Shuker
Six Deidra Little
Five Amanda Corvera
Four Jenny Allen
Three Coby Vandenberg
Two Kacey Boyle
Bow Rachael Vrooman

Novice Eight
Cox Mary Creason
Stroke Molly Enochs
Seven Nancy Balt
Six Katie Heisinger
Five Caroline Casey
Four Caitlin Weber
Three Maryann Wahhab
Two Jenny Haught
Bow Theresa Goody

Varsity Four
Cox Alison Abrams
Stroke Stephanie Snaman
Three Ashley Paiko
Two Amanda Briggs
Bow Sarah McKillip

Novice Four
Cox Aileen Gonzales
Stroke Christy McDonald
Three Leah Ihde
Two Penny Stieneke
Bow Jen Newman

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