Rowing Wraps Season at C-USA Championship

Chelsee Brewster was named to the all-conference team on Saturday.

May 17, 2014

OAK RIDGE, Tenn. - The San Diego State rowing team concluded its season on Saturday in Tennessee at the Conference USA Championship regatta. The one-day event was held on Melton Hill Lake. The Aztecs finished in ninth-place in the overall team standings, ahead of West Virginia and Alabama.

The competition got underway with the varsity eight crews at 9 am. The Aztecs took fourth place in their heat with a time of 6 minutes, 59.40 seconds. With the finish, SDSU would race in the petite final.

The second varsity eight outing was the next up for San Diego State. In that race the Aztec crew finished fifth in their heat (7:08.20). This result too would find SDSU in the petite final later in the day.

The varsity four boat was a member of the second heat of races and crossed the finish line in the fifth position with a time of 8:04.609. Again, San Diego State was entered in the afternoon's petite final.

Once back on the water in the petite final, the varsity four came in fourth, ahead of West Virginia with a time of 8:06.77.

The varsity eight petite final saw the best finish for SDSU as the crew finished second with a time of 6:59.11, just behind Sacramento State (6:57.5).

The final race of the day would be the varsity eight petite final in which San Diego State would cross the finish line in the third slot (6:52.49).

In addition to quality rowing by the team, Chelsee Brewster was named to the all-conference team.

"The regatta was a successful weekend for our team," said head coach Bill Zack. "The Aztecs did very well considering this was their first-ever conference championship and their first time at this race course. The team rowed very well and this was a nice way to end the season. This year marked significant overall changes in our program and we are looking forward to next year."


Final Team Standings:
1. Oklahoma - 62
2. Tennessee - 58
3. Kansas State - 56
4. Tulsa - 46
5. Texas - 44
6. Sacramento State - 30
7. Kansas - 28
8. Old Dominion - 27
9. San Diego State - 19
10. West Virginia - 17
11. Alabama - 9
Varsity Eight (First Heat):
Oklahoma - 6:47.1
Texas - 6:48.82
Old Dominion - 6:51.1
SDSU - 6:59.4
Kansas - 7:03.9

Second Varsity Eight (First Heat):
Oklahoma - 6:50.7
Texas - 6:53.8
Kansas - 6:58.6
Old Dominion - 7:08.0
SDSU - 7:08.2

Varsity Four (Second Heat):
Kansas State - 7:33.5
Texas - 7:36.41
Oklahoma - 7:38.25
Sacramento State - 7:40.3
SDSU - 8:04.609
West Virginia - 8:11.83

Varsity Four Petite Final:
Sacramento State - 7:48.3
Alabama - 7:52.46
Old Dominion - 7:55.74
SDSU - 8:06.77
West Virginia - 8:09.66

Second Varsity Eight Petite Final:
Sacramento State - 6:57.5
SDSU - 6:59.11
Old Dominion - 6:59.59
West Virginia - 7:06.8
Alabama - 7:07.3

Varsity Eight Petite Final:
Sacramento State - 6:45.8
West Virginia - 6:49.01
SDSU - 6:52.49
Kansas - 6:53.01
Alabama - 6:56.15


Varsity Eight: Allison Jones (bow), Hillary Lupo (two), Julia Brockherde (three), Ciara Estrada (four), Halei Warren (five), Chelsee Brewster (six), Jessica Haggard (seven), Christa Carrillo (stroke) and Stephanie Schulman (coxswain).

Second Varsity Eight: Samantha Flores (bow), Kaitlyn Goss (two), Mackenzie Morgan (three), Campbell Oreglia (four), Vera Brockherde (five), Rachel Borden (six), Allison Litzinger (seven), Sarah Winfield (stroke) and Courtney Siemsen (coxswain).

Varsity Four: Olivia Kirkpatrick (bow), Elizabeth Edmonds (two), Michela Gentosi (three), Haley Burton (stroke) and Alyssa Lua (coxswain).

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