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Aztec Swimmers Begin Season with Victory

Emily Schmied and the Aztecs defeated LMU in their season opener on Saturday.
Emily Schmied and the Aztecs defeated LMU in their season opener on Saturday.

Oct. 16, 2004

SAN DIEGO - San Diego State placed first in all ten events to earn a 53-19 victory over Loyola Marymount (0-1) in the opener for both schools at the Ray and Joan Kroc Community Center.

Junior Emily Schmied, sophomore Stella Karoly, and freshman Adrienne Conte were all part of relay teams that took first in three different events on Saturday.

Schmied, along with Karoly and freshman Heather O'Neill took first in the 3x100 butterfly relay with a time of 2:59.02. The junior partnered up with Karoly and Katie Smith in the 3x100 individual medley relay that finished ahead of the pack with a mark of 3:08.46. In the final event of the afternoon, Schmied took part in the 8x25 freestyle relay and placed first (1:34.21).

Karoly, in addition to her 3x100 butterfly relay and 3x100 individual medley relay wins, was part of the team that turned in a time of 1:52.11 in the 200 medley relay.

Conte, the freshman freestyle swimmer, was part of teams that placed first in the 200 freestyle relay (1:40.57), 500 freestyle relay (4:43.02), and 8x25 freestyle relay (1:34.21).

In the diving competition, freshman Kathleen Heuring placed first in the both the 1-Meter (226.11) and the 3-Meter events (222.61).

The Aztecs (1-0) are back in action at the Kroc Community Center when they face 2003-04 Mountain West Conference regular season co-champions, Utah, on Oct. 30 at 1:00 p.m.

Final Score: San Diego State 53, Loyola Marymount 19

200 Medley Relay
1. SDSU (Davis, Hnyda, Karoly, Binek) 1:52.11
2. SDSU (Peters, Arrow, Schmied, Friedhoff) 1:52.72
3. LMU (Luciano, Finley, Royal, Hicks) 1:54.14
4. SDSU (Conte, Smith, O'Neil, Denaro) 1:54.80
5. LMU (McKay, Horton, Matthewson, Kelly) 2:00.00
6. LMU (Dunn, Gerahty, Kruk, Mooers) 2:00.81
7. LMU (Maryatt, Black, Bannerman, Rabadam) 2:06.20

3x100 Butterfly Relay
1. SDSU (Schmied, O'Neill, Karoly) 2:59.02
2. LMU (Samuels, Melconian, Brophy) 3:03.15
3. SDSU (Binek, Chambers, Friedhoff) 3:03.27

3x100 Backstroke Relay
1. SDSU (Davis, Smith, Peters) 3:03.53
2. SDSU (Conte, O'Neill, Karoly) 3:07.13
3. LMU (Royal, McKay, Dunn) 3:10.09
4. LMU (Maryatt, Kruk, Sheehan) 3:21.98

3x100 Breaststroke Relay
1. SDSU (Hnyda, Smith Arrow) 3:29.37
2. LMU (Finley, Geranty, Magura) 3:34.09
3. SDSU (Chambers, Bricker, Davis) 3:37.06
4. LMU (Horton, McCarville, Black) 3:58.16

1-Meter Diving (Exhibition)
1. Kathleen Heuring (SDSU) 226.11
2. Joelle Felton (SDSU) 210.44
3. Lindsey Minnich (SDSU) 187.57

200 Freestyle Relay
1. SDSU (Binek, Peters, Conte, Friedhoff) 1:40.57
2. LMU (Luciano, Diamond, Brophy, Hicks) 1:43.05
3. SDSU O'Neill, Parker, Mackall, Chambers) 1:46.45
4. LMU (Gooer, Kelly, Mooers, Matthews) 1:48.43
5. LMU (Maryatt, Sheehan, Horn, Boston) 1:49.94
6. SDSU (Hnyda, Arrrow, Bricker, Denaro) 1:50.11

3x100 Individual Medley Relay
1. SDSU (Karoly, Smith, Schmied) 3:08.46
2. LMU (Samuels, Magura, Dunn) 3:11.69
3. LMU (Finlkey, Gerahty, Royal) 3:18.83
4. SDSU (Hnyda, Bricker, Davis) 3:18.88
5. SDSU (Denaro, Arrow, Parker) 3:27.68
6. LMU (Horton, Kruk, McCarville) 3:35.09

500 Free Relay (50-100-150-200)
1. SDSU (Binek, Conte, Schmied, Friedhoff) 4:43.02
2. LMU (Dimaond, Hicks, McKay, Brophy) 4:49.64
3. SDSU (Peters, Bricker, Chambers, Parker) 4:52.46
4. LMU (Boston, Rabadan, Matthews, Melconian) 5:01.44
5. LMU (Black, Mooers, Sheehan, Gore) 5:01.54
6. LMU (Bannerman, Horn, Kelly, Luciano) 5:15.29

3-Meter Diving (Exhibition)
1. Kathleen Heuring (SDSU) 222.61
2. Joelle Fulton (SDSU) 215.25
3. Lindsey Minnich (SDSU) 209.70

8x25 Free Relay
1. SDSU (Binek, Chambers, Denaro, Brinich, Schmied, Peters, Conte, Friedhoff) 1:34.21
2. LMU (Brophy, Hicks, Magur, Luciano, Diamond, Samuels, Gerahty, McKay) 1:36.10
3. SDSU (Smith, Mackall, Bricker, Arrow, Davis, Hnyda, O'Neill, Parker) 1:40.87
4. LMU (Matthews, Finley, Horn, Mooers, Rabadam, Maryatt, Horton, McCarville) 1:42.26
5. LMU (Royal, Dunn, Bannerman, Boston, Melconian, Kelly, Tungland, Gore) 1:42.85